RedWhite 2022/2023 Product Roadmap

Since late 2019, I have been executing a plan to trim the fat from RedWhite's product line. We used to sell (in addition to bibshorts) :

  • Jerseys
  • Baselayers
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Bidons

I have written extensive about why I chose to trim these products from RedWhites catalogue here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). I recommend reading those 2 articles before continuing with this one. 

In Part 2, I talked about 2021 being a year of consolidation. It has been successful and I am ready to share RedWhite's product roadmap for 2022/2023.

1) Trimming of The BIB range.

bibshorts for long distance rides


The most popular bibshort that RedWhite sells is The BIB Stealth. The next popular bibshort is The BIB. Demand for this is about 45% of the demand for Stealth. Below that is The BIB Navy which makes up 20% of the volume of Stealth.

Combined volume sold of The BIB and The BIB Navy since 2019 is less than the volume of The BIB Stealth.

Clearly customers value an all black bibshort that is minimally branded. What surprised me the most was the low demand for The BIB Navy. On hindsight, this should not have come as a surprise to me. It is rare to see a Navy bibshort on the road despite it being offered by many brands.

Based on this data, I will be halting production of The BIB and The BIB Navy. Capital freed from this will be redeployed into other projects.

Got thoughts about this trimming? Leave it in the comment section below.

2) Shorter Inseam Men's Bibshorts

RedWhite's Bibshorts have long inseams that make it not great for some riders below 170cm in height. 

For example, a rider who is 80kg and 168cm in height would have to wear a size XL bibshort (weight is compressed over a 170cm frame). A size XL bibshort has an inseam that is about 12.5-13 inches. This causes the gripper to extend to the rider's knee.

To fix this, I will be introducing bibshorts that are 2 inches shorter in the legs and offering them as an option alongside the standard sizes. Sub 170cm customers can choose to purchase a shorter version of any size. For example, you'd have size XL (regular) and size XL (2 inch shorter) as size options.

I will be making this available exclusively in The BIB Stealth to gauge demand. If demand is strong, expect to see it rolled out to The Entry Bibshort and The Cargo Bibshort (Men's).


Estimated roll out date : Q3 of 2022

3) The BIB Thermal will be discontinued

thermal bibshort

Sales of The BIB Thermal has been disappointing. It is the worst selling product RedWhite has ever made.

It is a unique product that is useful in very limited conditions. The weather has to be too cold for regular bibshorts, but not cold enough for The Winter Bib Tights. This is likely the reason many customers prefer purchasing full length tights than these thermal bibshorts.

When I designed The Winter Bib Tights with Pad, I used a fabric that could handle a wide temperature range of 0°C - 15°C (32 °F - 60°F)**. This makes the long cut Winter Bib Tights a more versatile option than thermal bib shorts. Read the Winter Bib Tights product info.

I will stop production of these thermal bibshorts and only offer The Winter Bib Tights as part of RedWhite's Cold Weather Collection.

** Everyone has different tolerance to temperature. This recommended range is a guide and gives you the absolute max and min temperatures most riders can use these bib tights in. The closer you get to each limit, the less comfortable you'd be. Always do a weather check before riding during winter. Stay safe!

4) 3/4 Summer Bib Tights / Knicks

Not everyone likes bibshorts. Some customers have requested longer tights that end at the middle of their calves.

From feedback over the last year, customers have given 2 broad reasons for wanting to buy 3/4 tights :

  1. More fabric = more leg protection from the sun
  2. Customers in Muslim majority countries like Malaysia & Indonesia want 3/4 tights to bring an element of modesty to their body hugging cycling kit. 

I am uncertain about the demand for this product. Will enough people want it? Nevertheless, I will be taking a flyer on this one and produce it in small quantities.

Expect to see it available sometime in late 2022.

If this is something you'd like to buy, leave a comment below.


RedWhite's product strategy is driven by both customer feedback and my own thinking. While I do pay attention to what customers want, I have to consider RedWhite's small capital size. This constricts me to invest in only the best product ideas that solves a true customer need while also driving long term revenue growth. If you have any thoughts about this blog post, please write that down in the comment section. Thank you!


Owww, I am thrilled that you’re going to do a run of 3/4 bibs! I fall into, days that are too warm for the winter long bibs,but too cold for my old knees in regular bib shorts, and I am not always a fan of knee warmers, so these will be perfect for me. So excited!

Lisa G June 07, 2022

Disappointed the Bib is being discontinued. It was my first purchase. Since then I’ve bought the entry, stealth bib, cargo and winter tights. I just ordered new bibs and it would be my fist choice but already sold out. It was the one bib that has the iconic logo on the leg. I get more people asking me about those shorts than the stealth. From a branding and marketing perspective I think keeping the logo would be a good idea. Maybe a stealth chain logo in the future or team order only? I’ll continue to wear red/white bibs due to the quality, comfort and price point. Keep doing what you do and thank you for the transparency with your customers. Ride on!

David Holmes May 18, 2022

On tights, I would love to see a 3/4 or full-length tight, without pad. I ride a lot of days where it is too warm for a winter tight, but too chilly to go with bare legs. I have leg warmers, but sometimes prefer full coverage. On days below 50-F, tights will stay on for the full ride.

Gregory Wall January 28, 2022

@TILBY LIDDELL : There’s definitely some bias in the comments here because you can argue that you’d only comment if you wanted the Navy. Sales figures don’t match up though and that is the only reason I am deciding to cut it. If RW was a larger company that could afford to keep a low volume selling item on inventory, i’d keep Navy in stock and expand the colour selection as well. But that isn’t the case. As the clothing industry gets more competitive, it also gets more risky for smaller brands like RW which makes capital allocation and inventory management more critical for long term success.

@GREGG SAUNDERS, @EDWARD JERUM : The BIB is in stock at the moment. It’ll be slowly phased out over 2022.

@LUKMAN : 3/4 won’t be a limited run thing. I usually give product lines 2 years to mature before deciding what to do with them – cut or double down. I also look at what purpose the product has for existing. If it serves a need, it will continue to exist. One reason I am killing off Navy & Red Strap bib is because they serve the same need as Stealth and are redundant. Customers also didn’t vote enough with their dollars for those 2 colour options. As for 3/4 cargo, it would be the natural next step.

@CHESTER THOMAS : Do consider trying The Winter Bib Tights with Pad. I made them from a fabric that can handle a wide temp range. That makes 3/4 winter knicks and thermal bibs redundant. I believe less is always more and if 1 product can serve your winter needs, I will prefer to only offer that. Hence me deciding to stop producing Thermal Bib Short (The BIB Thermal)

@CLIFFORD DAVIS : The 3/4 will be made from the same summer fabric as The BIB Stealth, not a fleece backed thermal fabric. If that works for your spring rides, awesome! Do consider my Winter Bib Tights – they handle a wide temp range.

@ANTHONY MILLER : Look for the 3/4 summer tights sometime in mid 2022 ;)


Hi Yuva, by the looks of every second comment here the navy is going to be missed! Is there any chance of a final run? I would put my money down now for 5 pairs if it were possible!

Tilby Liddell November 29, 2021

I very much enjoy The Bib ( I do like the Red Straps) and will hopefully be able to purchase before the stock is depleted. I also ride in the Stealth and the Winter Bib Thermal Tights (which I love!!) I have retired and we are traveling the continental USA for 2 years so I have to have options for all types of weather. RedWhite are my only riding options as they work for all lengths of rides I do, anywhere from 20 to 80 milers.

Gregg Saunders November 27, 2021

Wohooo! 3/4 FTW!
Since it will be on a limited run, I will have to plan for a 2 year supply raid on this order 😈😈😈

A dream product for me will be 3/4 cargo. Side pockets needed only 🙃

Lukman November 25, 2021

I will miss red suspenders. Give a bit of distinction

Edward Jerum November 25, 2021

I love the thermal bibshort! Bought a pair this fall and they are perfect for autumn riding in northeastern Vermont! Please don’t discontinue. Also, inwould definitely be interested in a thermal bib knicker.

Chester Thomas November 25, 2021

Hi! Yuva I will buy 3/4 bibs, to me it is a nice in between weather clothing. For an example when spring starts it is to cold for regular bibs; 3/4 would be better without having to wear winter thermal bibs. And vice versa for the fall, so expect for me to buy a couple.



Clifford Davis November 25, 2021

Thanks for the update. I have the stealth bib and love them, will be ordering another soon. I would also order 3/4 cut – I live in Sydney and I find this actually perfect for all but the most cold winter days down here. Perfect to just keep the cold off the knee but not overheat you. Will keep an eye out for the release on this one.

Anthony Miller November 03, 2021

@ADAM WILLIAMS : Always a pleasure :)

@KIRK : You can expect the bibs to keep improving every year. In 2019, the biggest complaint was the lycra wasn’t compressive enough. 2020 onwards, the lycra was replaced for something that fits tighter and stays tighter for longer.

@ROBERT D FORRISTER : I have no intention of removing Cargo Bibs since it is a unique product that solves a particular problem for some customers. 3/4 too will be introduced to solve a unique problem for some customers.

@JOSEPH TEO : They’re sold out unfortunately

@NICKY MORSE : A few customers have written in to ask about shorts. I don’t plan to introduce them since for most customers they are an inferior alternative to bibs. Shorts tend to cut into your belly and you’re relying on the waist band to hold up the pad.


I love my black and my navy bibs. I did buy 1 pair of cargo bibs for gravel riding. I bought a size too small but they are great with all the pockets. I’ll get a medium next time.

In summer I like just shorts (not bib shorts) as on long rides easier to go the toilet on the go!!!

Nicky Morse November 01, 2021

I would like to get the Navy bib. When will they be available again?

Joseph Teo November 01, 2021

I believe that by reviewing your sales reports we will all benefit. I admit I like the navy bibs and will miss that option. They were my first pair. I would like 3/4 length bib and would certainly order a pair. Please continue to offer the cargo bibs theybare fantastic. Thank you for offering the very best cycling bibs.

Robert D Forrister October 30, 2021

I will miss the Navy, but will likely purchase a couple to stock up. I like the look and feel of current length, but the grippers do seem to lose some of their tightness at the end… thinking that a tighter taper may be ideal. Regardless – RW is all I wear anymore… the other bib shorts just hang in my closet.

Kirk October 30, 2021

Thanks for the information and taking the time to reply to us.

Adam Williams October 29, 2021

@MARK : It’s sold out unfortunately :(.

On a side note, I am surprised more people will miss The BIB Navy than The BIB (red strap with chain logo). Is it because it’s also mostly black?


Sorry that should be L for Navy bibs

Mark October 29, 2021

I have stealth navy and regular bib shorts – I love the look of Navy the best – gutted you withdrawing them as they look great and go with loads of tops – when is the last time I can order XL ?

Mark October 29, 2021

@EVAN FREEMAN : Excellent point. I have plans for 2" longer bibs as well. That being said, there are fewer tall and lean riders and is one reason I am starting with the 2" shorter ones first.

@ALAN PEIRCE : Am brown and I too would like some added sun protection on my knees ;)

@PRAYUDI UTOMO : I’ve messaged you about the flappy gripper on WhatsApp. Sounds like it is too long for you and is coming to your knees. 2" less will push it further up to your thigh muscles which are wider.

@JEREMY : It’s very rare to find anyone who likes white bibshorts. I actually made a prototype for laughs :

@JOHN CLINE : I won’t be shortening the bibs. What I plan on doing is offering sizes that are 2" shorter. For example, a size XL that is 2" shorter in the legs alongside the standard XL.

@ALVIN JACKSON : Thank you very much! By the way, what Assos item did you buy to wear around RWs?

@LES MARSTON : Just to bring some clarity here. I won’t be offering the 3/4 in thermal fabric. It’ll be made of the same lycra as The BIB Stealth. Will this work for you? The reason is, 3/4 in thermal would be almost identical to the full Winter Bib Tights. Only difference is a bit of skin shown on the calf with the 3/4.

@TRAVIS MAC : Same comment as Les Marston above. Do you own fleece backed ones or just summer lycra ones?

@DAN : I have customers who have mentioned that they want the belly higher. I also have customers who asked for it to be made lower. It’s a bit difficult for me to figure this one out honestly. Because of that, I don’t think i’ll be making any changes to it for now.

@VENKAT GURRAM : A few brands are really pushing interesting colours into the market. I believe PNS has a popular green bib I see often. Am unsure about demand for it and it is possible different colours like grey could be popular. I won’t remove the possibility of offering The BIB in new colours in future.

@KEVIN : I’m sorry to hear that you wanted one. Regarding colour variety, what I notice is that a lot of customers tend to wear colourful jerseys and socks and keep their bibs black. I do notice coloured bibshorts now and then and many are custom team colours.

@JAKE PRESTON : 3/4 in the summer fabric is something I’m not entirely convinced about as well. However I am getting asked about it a lot and it isn’t a common product. For this reason, I am taking a flyer on it.

@JASPER : Thanks! It’s definitely an incremental improvement to get the bibs to fit better for folks. Do note that the shorter inseam will be offered as an additional size. For example, a size XL (2" less) and a standard XL.

@ANDREW RUBINS : Am curious to know if you’ll like the thermal bibshorts. Feedback from many customers is that they don’t use it enough since the weather window is too narrow for it to be more useful than the full tights.

@RIDE LONG : I am sorry to know you didn’t get one. I don’t actually chase the most profitable models. The Entry Bibshort is an example of a lower margin product that I took a flyer on. The investment thesis for that is still playing out. The only reason I cut products is to better manage my limited inventory capital. Interestingly enough, having more products doesn’t necessarily mean the business will grow. RedWhite’s product line was much more interesting in 2017-2019 when I had jerseys, socks etc. However, this eroded the capital base and made growth harder. I believe in offering customers fewer, more confident product choices.

@BRANDON (same comment as @DAN): I have customers who have mentioned that they want the belly higher. I also have customers who asked for it to be made lower. It’s a bit difficult for me to figure this one out honestly. Because of that, I don’t think i’ll be making any changes to it for now.

@PAUL BATCHELOR : Really happy you like them! The length won’t be changed and I will simply be offering a shorter version alongside the standard sizes.

@ADAM WILLIAMS : I personally like Navy bibs actually and introduced them because of that. I do wish more people liked them as well which would have made it affordable for me to stock them. Regarding your 188cm height, I do have plans to introduce 2" longer bibs. Keep an eye out for those in future after I finish making the 2" shorter ones. Regarding the belly, I addressed @DAN and @BRANDON and will let you read my reply to those. Finally regarding the thermal bibshort, you’re correct. It is theoretically a much more versatile garment than full tights. But what I notice is that people tend to just wear knee warmers with summer bibs and when they need fleece backed stuff – they go full length.

@GREG : Good point about the need for something lighter for milder winters. 3/4 fleeced knicks would be a good option. I’ll think about this more.

@ERWIN : Seems like many people are asking for 3/4 thermal knicks. Will look into those after I make the summer versions. I am familiar with the Assos pad stitching. I have had mixed feedback from customers about it – both good and bad. Will need to research more.

@GEOFF HOLMAN : Will send an email once I have them ready.


Great news about the shorter leg.
Will suit me perfectly as current XL is at my knees.

Geoff Holman October 29, 2021

Great news about the shorter leg.
Will suit me perfectly as current XL is at my knees.

Geoff Holman October 29, 2021

Hi Yuva,
First off, great you’re so open about your roadmap and the reasoning behind it. It all makes a ton of sense.

I have the Bib with red suspenders, but the stealth would be fine for me too.

Your bib comes second only to my Assos Mille evo. That has a unique way of stitching the pad to the shorts, only partly, which improves comfort dramatically. You have to feel it to believe it.
Actually the fit of the Assos’ suspenders is not as good as yours, but the way the pad is stitched more than makes up for it.
If you’d be able to mash up your Bib with the Assos hammock style pad, you’d have an absolute winner.

I think the 3/4 could be a hit, I much prefer them over full length thermals. I have one from Campagnolo and one from Rapha, but Campa apparel is very hard to find and Rapha discontinued their 3/4.
Keep up the good work!

Erwin October 29, 2021

Hi Yuva
I have two pair of early model bib shorts (red braces and chain link style logo) and a pair of roubaix fleece shorts. Very happy with all of them. I live in a mild winter climate 80kms below sydnay on the coast. My preferred winter out fit is either your winter Knicks with knee warmers or 3/4 Knicks with a fleece material. I would be interested in 3/4 Knicks with the winter fleece material of your current winter Knicks (about to be discontinued)
Regards Greg

Greg James October 29, 2021

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