RedWhite 2023/2024 Product Roadmap

new bibshorts for 2022

2022 has been yet another productive year for RedWhite. In October 2021, I detailed RedWhite's 2022/2023 Product Roadmap. You can read that Roadmap here.

I have completed every task set out in that Roadmap. 

It is now time to let you know what I will be working on in 2023/2024. I listen closely to customer feedback and lot of the work done in 2022 was the result of customer feedback.

I hope you remain as vocal and tell me what you'd like to purchase in 2023/2024 in the comment section below. Do note that due to limited R&D capital and time, I will be carefully selecting which projects you propose to work on in addition to the tasks I will be setting out for myself in the coming 2 years.

1) Consolidating Products Introduced for 2022/2023

Before I can begin to think about expanding the product line, I need to first consolidate the existing range of products. In November 2022, I introduced the following products (view all bibs & tights here) :

  • The BIB (updated)
  • 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad
  • The Cargo  Bibshort with Pad (updated)
  • Shorter Inseam Men's Bibshorts (for both The BIB & Cargo)

During this period of consolidating, I will be increasing & decreasing inventory levels for each product based on demand. Capital will be allocated to setting inventory levels to match demand as perfectly as possible.

This allows RedWhite to avoid over-investing free cash flow into inventory and allocate that to other projects.

2) Long Distance Shorts (No Bib Straps)

Not everyone wants to wear Bib Shorts.

I have been receiving feedback from a vocal minority of customers who simply don't like bib shorts. These customers have been asking for a version of The BIB without the straps.

I hear you and in 2023 I will be finally starting work on a pair of long distance cycling shorts based on The BIB.

I do think this will be a challenging project because waist sizes vary widely across sizing. Without straps to hold up the shorts, getting the design of the waist right will be tricky. It should work for both large and small bellies and hold up the shorts over a year of use.

Expected Launch Date : To Be Announced since no prototypes exist yet.

3) Padded Long Distance Underwear 

Lycra simply doesn't work everyone.

Mountain Bikers don't wear lycra (XC riders are a unique exception). Foldable bike riders don't either unless they have no choice. Commuters going to work or to the shops certainly don't.

In fact, most cyclists don't wear lycra. It's just not socially acceptable at times to be seen in skin-tight clothing and many people shy away from it.

That being said, most people agree that having some padding on one's bottom increases comfort tremendously. Now wouldn't it be nice to have that in some form of underwear format?

As such, for 2023, I will be taking the excellent long distance pad RedWhite is known for, and incorporating into an underwear form. The goal of this product is to introduce RedWhite to a wider audience who don't wear lycra, but want the comfort of a RedWhite Pad.

Expected Launch Date : To Be Announced since no prototypes exist yet.

4) The 3/4 Winter Bib Tight with Pad

My apprehension about investing capital into developing products for winter riding is well documented. I believe that demand for winter cycling clothing will decline as more customers choose to ride on Zwift. It's simply a safer and more comfortable alternative to riding outdoors in the cold. One doesn't have to contend with icy wind, cold rain, black ice and salt from the road.

That being said, There are windows of "riding outside" opportunity in the fringe seasons and during deep winter. The weather is cold, but not miserably so. The days can sometimes be rather delightful, with a bit of nip in the air that renders typical summer lycra useless.

This is where a well made pair of 3/4 Winter Bib Tights will come in handy. 

I will be producing these new tights using the same thermal fabric used in The Winter Bib Tight. It's an incredible fabric that is lightweight, yet warm.

I will be making 2 key changes :

  • The tights will end on the calves just like The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight. It won't be zippered and use the same gripper on the 3/4 Summer Tight.
  • The bib straps will be made from the same lightweight mesh used in The BIB & The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight (the thermal fabric won't extend up beyond your waist). This is to reduce overheating in the upper torso.

This item will be almost identical in design to The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad. Only the lycra used will be different. It will be the thermal version used in the Winter Bib Tights.

Expected Launch Date : April / May 2023 (in time for the winter in Australia & New Zealand).

* * *

Love to know your thoughts about this 2023/2024 Product Roadmap. Leave your comments below 👇


Looking forward to what you come up with for shorts not bibs. I currently use a pair of padded shorts from Boure on my weight training days. I usually cycle on a stationary bike as a warmup. I like having a drawstring waist.


James Bondra December 16, 2022

@GREG JAMES : Yup, I am making it specifically for the milder winters in certain parts of AU, Europe and USA. I suspect there’s a wider weather window where these will come in handy.

@ANDREW : No concrete plans at the moment. I likely will introduce it into a new bibshort first at a higher price point. Should be in the US$150+ range. As volume increases, I should be able to drop the price when economies of scale kick in. The BIB cost US$160 back in 2014 and then progressively got cheaper before settling on the current price point. Economies of scale will push prices down to a certain level before other costs kick in to keep it at a certain level relative to inflationary pressures (shipping cost, salaries for production workers etc).

@LISA : Thank you for choosing to be a customer of mine :)

@OZZIE : Good idea that. Didn’t think about using it for indoor cycling.

@STEVE : Thank you Steve :)


I will order a set of the 3/4 winter bibs my fav shorts!

Steve December 03, 2022

Look forward to details of padded underwear, would be perfect for indoor training

Ozzie December 03, 2022

Cant wait for those winter 3/4 bibs, be perfect for those in between days.
Thanks for making the best bibs!

Lisa December 03, 2022

That sounds great – I know product development takes some time, I’m just happy to hear it’s still in progress! Especially excited for the wings – maybe that’s something to look into adding to the existing bibshorts?

I hope development goes well and we see something in the next few years!

Andrew December 02, 2022

Winter in Wollongong, Australia is not that cold and 3/4 winter Knicks are my go to option for winter morning rides. I’m not an indoor Zwift rider. The are limited options of 3/4 Knicks available. I really enjoy my summer red white knicks and look forward to the winter 3/4 knicks coming available

Greg James December 02, 2022

@ANDREW : That’s still in progress. I’m back to the drawing board on that because of delamination issues with the prototype. It was comfortable, but because I jammed in a complicated foam structure within it, those extra layers had a greater risk of delaminating after about 6 months. The way forward is to simplify it and then re-test. It’s going to take sometime because I do have to ride test each variant for at least a year. Because of this lengthy development cycle, I’ve decided to stop giving information about it. I will update everyone once I complete work on that. It’s going to unfortunately take 2+ more years, so nothing will materialise until at least mid to end of 2024 / early 2025


These all sound exciting but I’m curious what ever became of the winged ultra distance chamois you were developing back in Winter 2020. Are you still testing variations?

Andrew December 02, 2022

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