A New Direction - Part 1

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RedWhite Apparel's 2020 focus will be exclusively on bibshorts and shorts. In light of this focus, I will be discontinuing the following product lines on this website :

  • Jerseys
  • Baselayers
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Bidons

One of my biggest challenges at the moment is growing the company while keeping the core long distance bibshort product line fully stocked. Every year, as demand ramps up going into the riding season, inventory runs out. This happens despite growing the volume of bibshorts ordered in every production cycle.

A good problem to have, but it is still a problem.

My decision to discontinue the above 5 product lines was made after analysing sales data. For every 100 customers who make a purchase on this website, only 20 choose to buy one of the above items. While 20% represents a sizeable chunk of revenue, it isn't high enough to justify the resources that go into maintaining those items.

Jerseys in particular are a tremendous resource black hole. They're graphically heavy and fashion driven. Jerseys follow fashion cycles and to do them well requires investing in a design team who can produce new releases every season. There are many other companies who do this far better than RedWhite Apparel.

RedWhite Apparel's competitive advantage is producing long-distance bibshorts and retailing them at an affordable price. In order to keep doing this well, I need to maintain focus and not deviate from this company's core mission. Maintaining product lines that aren't bibshorts does dilute focus at the moment, hence my decision to discontinue them.

What's next?

Moving away from the above 5 product lines has freed me up to focus on some new projects that will be hitting the market in late 2020 and early 2021. Below is a list of products you can expect to see :

Products for release by Summer 2020

Products for release in late 2020 / early 2021

Products in early development stage (no release date)

  • The BIB Recycled : a version of The BIB that's made using recycled material. (Project update here)
  • The BIB Ultra : an upgraded version of The BIB with a next generation pad and upgraded fabrics and cut. Designed to take you even further than The BIB. (Project update here)
  • The MTB Liner : a liner bib with pockets that will allow Enduro and XC riders to wear them under baggies and enjoy the comfort of a bibshort while dressing the part for trails. Integrated pockets will allow riders to carry spares, nutrition and a 3L water bladder. You can ditch your hip bag / backpack.
  • Padded Boxers : you read that right. Boxer underwear (made of a mesh fabric) with an integrated pad. To be worn beneath your regular clothing for your commutes.


All of the above projects are in active development. Some are much further along than the rest and will be available for sale by summer 2020. Others are pretty early and a release date isn't available as of today. 

If you have an opinion on this article, on this new company direction or on the products listed above, please leave it in the comment section below.



Be the best in the world at something and you can build a good business from that. So a good business call. Ultra bibs a very good idea.

Hans van der Voorn February 28, 2020

Very excited for the new lines, especially the ultra and cargo bibs! Great to see women’s specific versions coming along too.

Understandable decision to ditch the non-core products; I’d suggest socks might be worth retaining if only for branding – often the bibs aren’t all that visible but a lot of cyclists notice what socks someone is rocking! 😅


Maatt February 28, 2020

Sticking to the core and what provides the best outcomes… win / win for all!

Dave February 28, 2020

A tough decision to make Yuva, but I think it is the right one. Bibshorts are what RedWhite are famous for. If the other kit items can’t compete profitably then good time to put them aside and concentrate on bib short development. Looking forward to trying out a pair of the ultras on my next descent ride. Best of luck !

Mike Roe February 28, 2020

Just rode in your bibshorts again this morning! Would love to see your Ultra bibshort.

Wai Sing Lee February 28, 2020

Sounds like a great strategic move to me. Good luck!

Darren Johannesen February 28, 2020

Gonna miss your awesome socks but a small sacrifice for exciting new products. Best of luck with the new direction.

CJ February 28, 2020

Oh yeah! Looking forward to the development of the Ultra. Great commercial sense Yuva.

Keith Louie February 28, 2020

Bibs matter a lot, especially for long events.
Base layers, etc. not as much.
Smart move.

Jim P. February 28, 2020

Great decision YUVA. As we discussed before I love the Bib and it’s what RedWhite do really well
Best of luck on your journey

Aaron Barnes February 28, 2020

Put me down for an ultra bib. Cant wait. Also looking forward to the bib tight winter version.

John clements February 28, 2020

I would like have a long bibs ( pant type) for the long distance ride…for your next new products.

Allan Yeo February 28, 2020

Yes for cargo, MTB, and thermal please.

Reuben February 28, 2020

I think your new direction is smart. You are really good at bib shorts and your product is unique. Concentrating on what makes your company unique is great! I have like 3 pairs of your bib shorts and love them all! Can’t wait to see new product lines!

Richard February 28, 2020

Hi Yuva, I just love your bib!! Been using 2 and it is surprisingly comfy for long long rides and the material that can last and last and last over countless washing!! Now, I am eyeing on the Bib Ultra and please get this ready soon for I would love to try it! Thanks!!

Daryl February 28, 2020

NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not my gloves!
But seriously, looks like a sound, evidence-based decision that I can totally understand.
Very excited to hear there are winter tights on the way.

Chris February 28, 2020

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