Keith Louie (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Keith louie

Words by Keith Louie. Customer since 2015

I've been hooked on RedWhite Bibs since late 2015 when I put my first order in prepping for WEMBO 2016 (World Endurance Mountain Bike Organisation) in Rotorua, New Zealand.

RedWhite Cycling Apparel liked one of my Instagram pic and that's how our relationship began. My riding style lends me towards endurance style of riding from 24 hour solos to multi-day stage races. I competed in 2017 edition of The Pioneer, an epic 7 day Mountain Bike Pairs Stage Race in the southern alps of New Zealand from Christchurch to Queenstown. The race covered over 546km with 15,508+ vertical metres in elevation and race time of 43hrs 58mins. I entered this race as a challenge to branch out from 24 hour solo to multi-day stage racing and to test my limits.

With the amount of time spent out on the trails training and the race, RedWhite Cycling Apparel bibs really showed why they are the most comfortable bib shorts going around. This made the race so much more enjoyable without the worry of having a sore bum! I even got my race partner onto them as well so we can be matchy-matchy!

All my racing since 2016 have been on RedWhites and I haven't looked back.