RedWhite Apparel makes Bibshorts that helps you ride further, comfortably. We've been doing this since 2014.

Your bibshort keeps you comfortable on your bicycle saddle. Everything else is secondary. It never ceases to surprise us how many mediocre bibshorts exist in the market. An unfortunate reality since making excellent bibshorts isn't rocket science. You just have to focus on it. 

Our lofty goal is to become your Go-To bibshort supplier.

We can only achieve this by being laser-focused on bibshorts. We deliberately choose not to produce any other product except items that keep your undercarriage well padded and this focus has resulted in our products getting incredible generous reviews from customers.

RedWhite Apparel's signature bibshort since 2014 is The BIB. This is a best seller and is actively used at ultra distance events such as The Paris-Brest-Paris (1200km) and the Transcontinental Race (3200km). The BIB was one of the first bibshorts in the world to use a Heat Moulded Chamois & Silicone Microdot Grippers , features that are now standard in the industry.

RedWhite Apparel is based in Singapore. We produce our garments in factories around the world and centralise inventory in an automated warehouse in Singapore. We work with FedEx, UPS, DHL Express and QExpress to ship bibshorts to our customers' doorsteps worldwide in less than 8 days. Read more about shipping. 

The Founder & Owner

RedWhite Apparel is owned and run by Yuva Viswanathan. Largely thanks to software, RedWhite Apparel services over 5000 customers worldwide annually using only a skeletal crew of 1. Yuva manages customer service, the sizing helpdesk, suppliers, business strategy and product development and works out of his home. RedWhite Apparel works closely with a boutique warehouse company (that stores our inventory and ships your orders) and a network of high-quality manufacturers who produce our garments to Yuva's exact specifications.

Yuva will be your point of contact for most matters, he can be reached at You can also find out more about Yuva here.

 Founder of RedWhite Apparel

Yuva | Founder of RedWhite Apparel