**U.S., Canada,  Australia & U.K. customers can purchase Return Labels directly from us. Click on the relevant label for your country :

Shop with confidence at RedWhite Apparel. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, return it and receive an exchange of similar value or a full refund. There is no time limit on making a return as long as the garment is in "as-new" condition

In order to qualify for a refund or an exchange, your item must be in "as-new" condition. This means that the item must not have been washed or worn and have the original hang tags attached. If your bibshort has missing / torn tags or has been ridden in and laundered, email us before making your return at yuva@redwhite.cc.

Do note that RedWhite will courier back any returned bibshorts that do not meet the above return criteria.

If you’re unsure about a purchase when you receive it, please keep it in its original packaging until you’ve decided whether you’d like to keep it or return it.

The cost of sending goods back to us is yours, but we cover the fee of shipping any replacement back to you. We do make exceptions and offer to cover the cost you incur in sending goods back to us. This happens if :

  1. We made a mistake and sent you the incorrect size.
  2. We sent you items that are different from what you ordered (happens very rarely, but if it does, don't worry. We'll take care of you).
  3. We sent you a defective item and we want you to send it back to us to analyse and learn from.

Exchanging a Size

If the item you received does not fit as well as you’d like, you may return it for your correct size. However, do note that exchanges are only accepted for products that have not been used or laundered and are in an “as-new” condition. If in doubt, please try on your new RedWhite garments after a shower (wear clean underwear whenever possible when wearing bibshorts and an undershirt when trying on our Jerseys).

Manufacturing Defects / Faulty Goods

From time to time, manufacturing defects can occur. If your item reaches you with a defect (from either manufacturing or from improper handling by customs), please email us at yuva@redwhite.cc. Send clear images of the defect to us. The item must be returned to us before we can process a refund or send a replacement, so do be patient with us :). 

Sometimes, defects take time to materialise. If your RedWhite Apparel item prematurely fails, please email us at yuva@redwhite.cc .Include clear photos of all defects and describe how and when you discovered the defect.

If your item is defective, we will ship you a replacement free of charge. You may choose to keep the defective item. If you do intend to toss it, do be mindful that it could end up in a landfill. Always try to fix and use defective items whenever possible.

Returns Policy for Team Bundle

The Team Bundle is heavily discounted to allow you and your team mates to buy bibshorts at an affordable price. We make savings on bulk orders and pass on these savings to you. A Team Bundle has a minimum purchase volume (for example : 4 bibshorts to get the discount).

The way we handle Exchanges for Team Bundles remains the same. Send back whatever size you don't like, and we'll send replacements out to you. Pretty straightforward.

The way we handle Refunds for Team Bundles is different. Should you decide to purchase a Team Bundle, but decide to return some of the bibshorts within the order for a refund, we will refund the full price paid for the items as long as the total number of bibshorts NOT returned remains at or above the minimum purchase volume. Here's how we do this :

Example 1 : You purchase 5 bibshorts in the Team Bundle (has a minimum volume of 4 to enjoy the discount), but decide to return 1 for a refund. We will refund the full price paid for this bibshort.

Example 2 : You purchase 5 bibshorts in the Team Bundle (has a minimum volume of 4 to enjoy the discount), but decide to return 2 for a refund. This will mean that the number of retained bibshorts will be 3 which doesn't qualify for the bundle discount. We will calculate the full un-discounted price of these 3 bibshorts you decide to keep, deduct it from the total order value, and refund the rest.

All Team Bundle items are covered by our regular guarantee. Should you encounter defects or be shipped incorrect items (wrong colour / size / model), we will take care of you.

Making a Return

Making a return is straightforward. For size exchanges or return of purchased goods that you aren't satisfied with, simply ship the products back to our return address below. We recommend using a tracked airmail service from your local post office. Do make sure the returned products are in "as-new" condition and have the original hangtags still attached. There is no need to write in to us prior to making a return. Do read the conditions for a return carefully on this page ("as-new" condition) and ship your item back to our returns address (listed below).

Please include your full name, order number and a note stating what you'd like us to do with your package once we receive it. Indicate if you'd like a refund or an exchange and include an email address we can contact you at. If you're in doubt, email us at yuva@redwhite.cc

Please note that our return address is a PO Box. As such, we cannot receive mail sent by private express couriers such as DHL Express, United Parcel Service, FedEx, TNT etc. Please use your national post office to send back any returned items. It's also the most cost efficient way to make a return.

Our Returns Address :

RedWhite Apparel Pte. Ltd.

Singapore Post Centre,

Post Office,

PO Box 1193,

Singapore 914040

Please include the following information :

  1. Your Full Name & Address on the package
  2. A note that contains your Order Number, reason for returning the item and what you'd like us to do for you (exchange for another size / item or refund you)

How long does it take to process Returns? 

The company PO Box gets checked once a week between Wednesday - Friday every week. Any packages within it will get processed between Friday-Tuesday every week.

Depending on when your package gets delivered into the PO Box, you may need to wait 5-7 extra days for me to process your package.

Purchase a Return Label (for U.S., Canada, Australia & U.K customers only)

We offer all US,CA,AU & GB based customers an option to purchase Return Shipping labels directly from us :

Return Guide for Singapore Orders

The most efficient way to make a return within Singapore is to head to a SAM Machine and purchase stamps. Here's a guide on how to do that.

Keep a copy of your SAM receipt if your postage qualifies for reimbursement from RedWhite Apparel.