The 3/4 Summer Bib Tights with Pad - An Overview


3/4 Summer Cycling Bib Tights with Pad

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The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad is an elongated version of RedWhite's most popular product - our long distance bib shorts. The fit of this 3/4 Summer Bib Tight is identical to its shorter leg brethren, but comes with longer legs.

This 3/4 bib tight uses the same long distance pad, M.I.T.I. summer lycra and light-weight mesh straps as the long distance bib shorts. If you enjoyed our popular bibshorts, you will enjoy this 3/4 Summer Bib Tight. 

To keep this blog post focused on the key highlights of this product, we recommend reading this Bib Short Deep Dive before continuing this read.

Key differences between this 3/4 Summer Bib Tights and the long distance bibshorts.

The obvious difference is the additional leg length that end mid calf.

These 3/4 summer bib tights are elongated versions of the bibshorts. An additional length of material was added to the bibshorts. All other parts of it were kept identical.

This keeps sizing identical between the bibshorts and these bib tights. For example, if you ride in a size Medium bibshort, get a size Medium in these new 3/4 Summer Bib Tights.

The second difference is a new Silicone Macro-Dot gripper. It is a 60mm tall piece of nylon luxe fabric with silicone dots at the end. 30mm height of the end is coated with 2mm diameter silicone dots. Each dot is spaced 4-5mm apart.

After thousands of kilometers of ride and laundry testing, we can confidently claim that these new grippers are excellent. They breathe well, offer supreme comfort, last a long time and (most importantly) are machine washable (cold wash).

The silicone dots don't peel off with use despite thousands of kilometers of use, ensuring that these last a full season of use under you.

This gripper also offers plenty of grip for skinny calves, but can stretch incredibly wide for larger calves (without being constrictive). Rider don't have to worry about the gripper not fitting their calves well when purchasing these tights.

Tailored for a wide range of heights.

This 3/4 Summer Bib Tight has been tailored thoughtfully for a wide range of rider heights. The legs are cut straight and don't have an anatomical knee bend in the middle for knee bending.

This is important because when a pair of tights is tailored with an anatomical kink of knees, it only fits riders with a certain upper to lower leg ratio and knee location. Human beings don't fit a particular upper : lower leg ratio and it makes no sense to tailor a pair of tights this way.

This does fly in the face of conventional wisdom where anatomical fabric cuts are presented as an innovation that improves comfort. This cannot be further from the truth. After extensive ride testing, RedWhite has concluded that straight-cut tights are superior for most riders.

After all, your jeans are straight cut 😉.

These 3/4 Summer Tights are cut straight and use a flexible, stretchy lycra. This allows a wide range of rider heights to fit into them comfortably. For example, a 190cm tall & lean rider and a 168cm tall & heavy rider can both fit a size Large without the legs being too short or too long. The lack of an "anatomical knee bend" also improves comfort for both riders by not forcing an unnatural fabric bend at a poorly placed location on the tights.

The stretchy and light lycra does the heavy lifting of ensuring the rider's legs are comfortable when bending the knee during a pedalling motion.

Who is this for?

Over the last 4 years, I have been receiving requests for this product. These request come from 5 broad categories of customers :

  1. Customers who need extra sun protection on their legs. For years, these customers have been using leg coolers with their RW bibs. A 1-piece 3/4 bib tight would be a better solution.
  2. Early Autumn/Late Spring riding. Customers who wear summer tights with knee covers during early autumn & late spring and want a full 3/4 version of their summer bibshorts for these mild weather days. The additional piece of lycra over the knees help keep them a touch warmer.
  3. Mountain Bikers & Gravel Racers. Several customers have said that 3/4 tights would be nice to do trail & dirt track riding in. The lycra over the knees help keep mud & dirt away from skin and also provide a location for knee guards.
  4. Wet Weather Riders. Some customers have said that having fabric coverage on their calves would keep road grime off their skin.
  5. Muslim Customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei & United Arab Emirates who want summer tights that cover their knees. This for modesty reasons.

If you find yourself in one of these 5 groups, please consider purchasing a pair of these 3/4 Summer Bib Tights. If you do end up purchasing a pair for other reasons, i'd appreciate you letting me know via email : or by leaving a comment below 👇.

Same Great Long Distance Chamois


    These new 3/4 Summer Bib Tights with Pad use the same great chamois that RedWhite is known for. Available in Men's and Women's models with custom chamois and fits for the male & female anatomy.

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