COVID-19 Shipping & Operations Updates

RedWhite Apparel's largest markets are the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Singapore. Throughout 2020, all these countries have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and all have rolled out lockdowns in 1 form or another.

Singapore underwent a lockdown that was called a "Circuit-Breaker" in April. Over the months, this lockdown has progressively loosened to the current status quo (mandatory masks, work-from-home orders, early closure of bars, no sale of liquor after 10.30pm, no gathering in groups of more than 5 & no more than 5 visitors to any home).

Group rides are a thing of the past and this has been the longest stretch of time that I've ridden solo. On the upside, not having anyone to draft does mean that my fitness has increased. I personally don't see the government allowing large gatherings of any sort until a vaccine is available.

The purpose of this blog post is to give live updates on the current shipping & operations status of RedWhite Apparel. This will help you make a purchase decision.


RedWhite Apparel ships to Australia using FedEx International Priority service and DHL Express. Both these services are currently not affected by lockdowns and state travel restrictions. Deliveries will take less than 8 days. 

Please note that we cannot deliver quickly to Parcel Lockers. If you can only receive packages at a Parcel Locker, delivery will be done by Australia Post. This will take as long as 1 month. Whenever possible, avoid using your AU post Parcel Locker and use your home address which DHL and FedEx can deliver to.

We also understand that during a lockdown, visiting the post office to return anything to us will be challenging. To help you, we now offer you the ability to purchase AU Post Return Labels from us directly. All you need to do is purchase the label you need, stick it on the item you wish to return and drop it off at a Red Street Posting Box.


RedWhite Apparel remains fully operational. Shipping speed is high (Singapore deliveries in less than 2 days, Global Deliveries in less than 8 days). We're working hard at keeping our bibshorts fully stocked to allow you to keep riding during these challenging period.


You may reach the owner of RedWhite Apparel anytime by email :