RedWhite Apparel COVID-19 Operations Updates

The purpose of this page is to give live updates on RedWhite Apparel's operations during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be updated regularly with the most current operations status of RedWhite Apparel. RedWhite Apparel is based in Singapore and we serve a global customer base. Shipping information here.

June 5th Update : ePack shipping service is ceased. All orders will be shipped using FedEx, UPS or Aramex private courier. We will also no longer be subsidising shipping.

Given the ongoing problems with delivery in most postal networks worldwide, RedWhite Apparel will no longer be offering a the ePack shipping service. All orders will be shipped using FedEx (predominantly) and if FedEx isn't available, we will use UPS or Aramex. 

In April and May, we subsidised Express Shipping to give customers an option of purchasing RedWhites at a low price. Unfortunately, as COVID-19 is far from being eradicated, we are unable to continue these subsidies in June 2020. 

May 27th Update : Why the free ePack shipping service is still slow and why we recommend using Express Shipping.

Our free ePack Shipping service is still incredibly slow. This is currently largely driven by a severe shortage of commercial flights and delays in customs offices in most major markets. Postal mail piggy backs onto flights. For example, if a United Airlines flight is departing from Singapore to Los Angeles, a portion of the cargo hold that is free is filled with postal mail. When flights are reduced (as is during a pandemic), mail will be held until an flight becomes available. It is for this reason, our Express Shipping service is largely unaffected as UPS owns or leases their own planes and have their own delivery network within each country they serve.

May 8th Update : Orders mailed using Free ePack Shipping 6-8 weeks ago are being delivered as postal & customs backlogs clear slowly.

We're seeing orders placed 6-8 weeks ago on the Free ePack Shipping service by customers being delivered as of May 8th. Backlogs in postal networks and at customs offices are slowly being cleared. 

If you are a customer who placed an order several weeks ago that has not been delivered, please email your Order ID to : 

If you are a new customer contemplating making a purchase, do purchase UPS Express Shipping that is currently subsidised. Your order will reach your much more quickly than if you were to use the postal network.

April 22nd Update : Postal Networks are prioritising delivery of essential items first. Non-essential items (especially from abroad) will be de-prioritised. Expect 4-5 week delay if you use the free ePack shipping. We recommend paying for UPS Express Shipping instead (currently subsidised).

We've received confirmation from customs & postal offices in the United States, Australia, New Zealand & Japan that existing postal network and customs capacity will be used to prioritise delivery of essential and perishable items from abroad. RedWhite Apparel ships bibshorts from Singapore and they do need to clear customs before entering your postal networks. Because of this, if you choose to use our free ePack tracked airmail shipping option, you can expect your bibshort to be held at customs & the warehouses of postal networks for weeks while essential items and perishable goods (foods, medication, masks, PPE etc) are moved through the network first.

RedWhite Apparel has an alternative shipping service that uses UPS Express. Because this is a private courier, deliveries are happening much faster. We highly recommend purchasing Express Shipping during this pandemic to ensure you get your bibshorts delivered within 1-2 weeks. 

UPS Express Shipping is currently subsidised to make it slightly more affordable for everyone. Thank you for continuing to support and purchase from RedWhite Apparel :).

April 9th Update : (Free Shipping service disruption. Expect a 4-5 week delay in getting your order if you chose free ePack Tracked Airmail. We've rolled out subsidised UPS Express Shipping in response if you want fast delivery). We highly recommend taking advantage of Express Shipping during this pandemic.

We have confirmed information that global postal networks are delayed by an average of 4-5 weeks. RedWhite Apparel ships bibshorts worldwide for free by leveraging the ePack system that piggy backs on existing postal networks. It's a very reliable and fast service. However, due to the manpower crunch and limited airmail in key countries, Free Shipping is unfortunately delayed by 4-5 weeks on average. Because of this you can expect your order to be only delivered 6-7 weeks after being placed on this website. We do understand the long waiting time and highly recommend customers who need their bibshorts quickly to use Express Shipping (currently subsidised) is you live in the following countries :

  1. United States
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. New Zealand
  5. South Korea
  6. Taiwan
  7. United Arab Emirates
  8. Rest of World

Subsidised UPS Express Shipping rates for customers who need their bibshorts quickly  now available for the countries above. 

When you go to checkout, you will hit a shipping page with the various shipping options. You will see UPS Express Shipping and the rate will be subsidised. We've listed the original rate as well so you can make a comparison and decide if you wish to spend a bit more for speed of delivery during this COVID-19 pandemic period.


April 3rd Update (RedWhite operations un-affected)

The Singapore Government announced a circuit-breaker today as a pre-emptive measure to avoid further community spread of COVID-19. In layman's terms, all non-essential businesses will have to shut down for a period of 1 month from 4th April 2020 to 4th May 2020. News release here.

RedWhite Apparel is un-affected by this circuit-breaker.


RedWhite Apparel's Fulfilment Center

We use a 3rd party fulfilment center that is designated as an "essential service". As such, orders placed on this website will continue shipping worldwide as per normal. 

However, you may experience some delays in receiving your order. The global logistics network is heavily reliant on people. Due to move restrictions, work from home initiatives and lockdowns worldwide, manpower in the entire global logistics network is very low. At the same time, online sales are increasing as people purchase goods and necessities online. As an under-staffed logistics network handles more packages, a slowdown in inevitable.

If getting hold of your new bibshort is a matter of urgency, I do recommend you to purchase Express Shipping at checkout instead of using our Free Shipping service. Express Shipping uses the UPS network that remains at 100% capacity and is currently still fast despite the pandemic. Free Shipping relies on a smooth global ePack postal network which might be slow in your country.

As of April 3rd, we do see some slowdowns in South Korea & Australia. Information is still scarce now as postal networks have yet to publish official information about their service levels.

If you're based in Singapore, do note that local deliveries are handled by QExpress. Given the small size of Singapore, you can expect your order to be delivered relatively quickly.

As always, you may reach out to me anytime by email :