3/4 Summer Bib Tights with Pad - Prototype 1

3/4 Summer Bib Tights with Pad

I've been developing a 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad as part of RedWhite's 2022/2023 product roadmap. Prototype #1 has arrived and I am currently test riding it.

This 3/4 bib tight is an elongated version of RedWhite's most popular product - The BIB Stealth. I designed the fit of this to be identical to its shorter leg brother. Riders who are familiar with The BIB Stealth will be right at home in these 3/4 versions.

This 3/4 bib tight uses the same long distance pad, M.I.T.I. summer lycra and mesh as The BIB Stealth. 

What's new?

I've testing a new gripper on this 3/4 tights. It's a robust material that's woven from a mix of nylon and elastane fibres. It's finished off with silicone microdots.

Calves have a wider distribution of circumferences than thighs. Because of this, I needed a material that grips well on smaller calves, but can expand comfortably on customers with larger calves (without being constrictive).

This new material is a solution to this design challenge.

Who is this for?

Over the last 4 years, I have been receiving requests for this product. These request come from 2 broad categories of customers :

  1. Muslim customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei & United Arab Emirates who want summer tights that cover their knees. This for modesty reasons. As RedWhite's business has expanded in these countries, it is now time for me to develop this bib tight to meet this growing demand.
  2. Customers with sensitive skin who require additional leg coverage from the sun. For years, these customers have been using leg coolers with their RW bibs. A 1-piece 3/4 bib tight would be a better solution.

Alternative Use Cases

I have also received requests for a 3/4 summer bib tight for niche use cases. These are :

  1. Moderate temperature winter riding. I don't fully understand how a summer lycra on the knees would improve cold weather comfort, but it appears that there is a use case here for this product.
  2. Mountain biking. Once again, I don't fully understand it, but several customers have said that 3/4 tights would be nice to do trail riding in.
  3. Wet weather riding. Some customers have said that having fabric coverage on their calves would keep road grime off their skin. I don't mind road grime on my skin, but I understand why some would.

Will there be a Women's version?

Yes. I will be releasing a women's version of these with the same long distance pad in The BIB Stealth - Women.

Will there be a Cargo version?

It depends on demand. The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight will be made available for 1 year. This will allow me to gauge demand for it. Only after that will I be able to commit to a Cargo version.

For now, if you'd like bibs with pockets, please consider the excellent Cargo Bibshort. It's an underrated product with exceptionally large and useful pockets.

Stitched on logo

This 3/4 bib tight uses a fabric that cannot be printed on. This makes a stitched on logo the only durable option. The alternative is a rubber heat transfer logo. The reason I am not considering this is the suspect durability of that. Rubber heat transfer logos have a tendency to peel off over time.

Here's a picture of a prototype rubber logo I made for this prototype. I will be evaluating durability, comfort, snagging issues etc before committing to it. 


When will this be available for purchase?

If my prototyping work proceeds as planned, you can expect to be able to make a purchase in October 2022.

* * *

I hope you enjoyed this project update. Please leave a comment below if you have an opinion on this project. 

If you're interested in purchasing this, please comment below as well. It will give me a gauge of demand.


What is latest on availability? I need the sun protection and have been using pull ons made by Castelli that function well as far as protection, but are very hot and not nearly as comfortable as a 3/4 R/W tight!

Ed July 23, 2022

@JASON HAM : Glad to know you’d find a use for them. Am unsure about Cargo versions for now, but if demand is strong you can expect a cargo version in 2023

@BRUCER : I use arm coolers for sun protection too. Leg coolers are more difficult since they tend to drop down due to the pedalling work. Really happy to know you’d like these.

@DAVID M : Really happy to know you’d like these!


I would love to wear a 3/4 length leg in a tight with summer weight fabric. Count me in.

David M February 26, 2022

I’ve developed a mild allergy to sunlight. I’ve purchased a few sets of UV-resistant sleeves for my arms but haven’t found anything apart from sunscreen for my legs. These 3/4 bib shorts would be the perfect solution, especially since they’ll be as comfortable as the RW bibs. Good idea, Yuva.

Brucer February 25, 2022

These are a great-sounding solution for riders who want to keep their knees a bit warmer all the time (without having to don/doff knee warmers) and also may help minimize discomfort from sweat chafing behind the knees. I would happily test/buy these (and would prefer cargo version of the option was available.) Got really used to those extra pockets for so many reasons. Thanks.

Jason Ham February 25, 2022

@ADAM W : When I first mentioned 3/4, most people assumed it was a winter specific one. I’ll have to educate customers better when I launch this to make sure people understand what it is.

@EVAN F : Really happy to know this product will help you. I agree with you about knee warmers (and coolers). They’re not as good as having a fully integrated one-piece solution.

@FARHAN : Spread the word about this to your friends. Mesh fabric behind the knee is not a good solution to introduce breathability and flexibility. A more elegant solution would be to simply use a good lycra. 1 fabric is better than 2 fabrics ;)

@NORBERT : Very likely October 2022 unfortunately :(

@WYNTON ROBINSON : Hope it help you ride a touch more comfortably during Autumn ;)


The product is welcomed and the autumn riding with these bibs is what really appeals to me.

Wynton Robinson February 25, 2022

I too am in use case #2, not because od sensitive skin, but because anyone who spends 20 hours a week in the blazing sun is asking for skin cancer .. Sun screen does wear off, and I am always slathering the stuff on. Leg ‘coolers’ don’t really work well as they are always falling down or peeling upwards, and they are invariably in blazing white so they look like hospital garb. All my 3/4 knicks are too hot as they are made of thicker fabric intended for cool weather.

Upon speaking with Yuva about this product last year, I was looking forward to using them this spring/summer (2022). Sadly it looks like there is still some development and testing time, but maybe they can be ready for northern hemisphere summer this year, before October..??

I’m sure they will be fabulous, as all of RW’s products are !!


Norbert February 25, 2022

This is great, I have bunch of guys who would like to get their hands on one of these. The current ones they have are too warm or wearing out. Also, I believe that they prefer is the back of the knee has some mesh material for better ventilation and soft material to aid bending? Like you see some of the ladies yoga pants has that. Hope that helps!

Farhan February 25, 2022

I’m very excited about these knickers. I fall into the inscrutable use case #1. I prefer to keep my knees covered for warmth and knee health into warmer temperatures than many (up to 65 deg F), but regular knee warmers are usually too warm, plus they have a superfluous section on the thigh.

RW bibs are my first choice for rides over 6 hours, which I do regularly. I’ll immediately buy at least 2 pairs of the 3/4 bibs when they are released—soon, I hope!

evan f February 25, 2022

I am very keen to try these as I fall into the sun protection use case. I live in Australia and sunscreen is an absolute must. To offer protection as part of the knicks is preferable to lathering on more and more sunscreen, especially as it can wear off during longer rides.

I’m curious to see if they get attention in summer though, here in Sydney at least I would say 3/4 length are seen as cold weather knicks. Not that I am too worried about that.

Happy to be a tester if that helps.

Adam W February 25, 2022

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