Warm yet lightweight is the appropriate description for RedWhite's new range of Winter Tights. This range is made up of 4 products that cover a wide range of uses during the cold months of the year :

  1. The Winter Bib Tight with Pad
  2. The Cargo Winter Bib Tight with Pockets
  3. The 3/4 Winter Bib Tight with Pad
  4. The 3/4 Cargo Winter Bib Tight with Pockets

**Please note that this new range is only available in Men's variants for Winter 2023. Due to capital constraints, RedWhite is unable to produce a Women's range. Rest assured, if demand is good for the Men's variant, a Women's range will drop in mid 2024.

Polar Bear Fur Bio-mimicking Thermal Lycra

The highlight of this winter range is the thermal lycra chosen for it. 

We selected a lycra that bio-mimicks a polar bear's fur. The fabric is woven using yarn that is hollow. A polar bear's fur has hairs that are similarly hollow.

hollow yarn

The hollow yarns contain air which is an excellent insulator. The same principle is used in double pane windows. The air prevents too much heat from escaping your body, keeping you warm while you brave the cold.

The air yarns keep the fabric lightweight.

When you slip into any one of these Winter Tights, the first thing you notice is how low profile the whole garment is. Unlike typical winter tights, this one hugs your body like a pair of lightweight summer bib shorts while offering excellent thermal insulation. As you ride hard, the fabric allows moisture to escape, avoiding the usual clammy feel most other winter tights give you. More on this later below.

These Winter Tights have been tested in temperatures between 0°C - 15°C (32 °F - 60°F)** making them a versatile piece of kit for Autumn, Winter and Spring. You can confidently slip into them on cold mornings, knowing that when temperatures rise, you'd not overcook. Do take note that 15°C is the maximum recommended temperature.

** Everyone has different tolerance to temperature. This recommended range is a guide and gives you the absolute max and min temperatures most riders can use these bib tights in. The closer you get to each limit, the less comfortable you'd be. Always do a weather check before riding during winter. Stay safe!

Soft on-skin Feel, Water & Wind Resistant

Thermal Lycra for 3/4 Winter Bib Tight

This thermal lycra has black brushed fleece on the inside and a smooth finish on the outside. The brushed inner fleece provides you with a soft on-skin feel that feels light and warm.

This fabric has a hydrophobic treatment and will repel light rain and road spray. The yarns are also tightly woven, resulting in a wind resistant fabric.

Do note that this is not 100% waterproof or 100% windproof fabric. Only rigid shell fabrics can offer this level of weather protection. What you get is a low-profile fabric that is excellent for dry & cold days but has enough wind & water protection to get you home in the event of bad weather.

How it Keeps you Dry while you ride hard.

As you ride, you will sweat. This thermal lycra is designed to quickly pull sweat away from you keep you dry. This is achieved by using Polyamide fibres on the outer fabric layer and Polyester on the inside.

Polyamide on the outside of the fabric and Polyester on the inside against the skin allows sweat to evaporate. Polyester yarn has a low hygroscopicity, that absorbs little water, while the polyamide yarn has a hygroscopicity that’s 3x higher. The difference of hygroscopicity between the two fibres quickly transports moisture to the outside of the fabric.

Your body stays dry and comfortable.

Available in Full & 3/4 Lengths

The Winter Tights range are available in full length and 3/4 lengths. There are 2 key differences for both variants :

  1. Full length use a mix of thermal and mesh fabrics for the straps.
  2. 3/4 length uses only mesh fabrics for the straps.

We used a mix of fabrics on the torso portion for all full length tights (Winter Bib Tight & Cargo Winter Bib Tight). The front straps that faces the wind is made from the same polar-bear inspired thermal lycra used throughout the rest of bib tight. This allows you to keep as much of your frontal torso warm in colder temps.

The back of the tight that faces away from the wind is made from the same lightweight mesh fabric used in our summer bib shorts. This allows body heat to escape from the back.

This combination helps regulate your core body temperature, preventing excessive cooling or heating as your work hard on the bike during the colder months.


We used only a mesh fabric for the upper straps of all 3/4 length winter tights (3/4 Winter Tight & 3/4 Cargo Winter Tight.

The reason we did this is to keep the upper portion cooler for use on warmer days during the Autumn, Winter & Spring months. Some days, temperatures are simply too high for a pair of full tights. This is where the 3/4s come into play.

With shorter legs and a ventilated mesh, they are more useful for such warmer days during the cold months.

Available in Cargo Versions

Both Full Length and 3/4 Length winter tights are available in Cargo versions. We offer the same 4 Large Cargo pockets available on our very popular Cargo Bib Shorts.

If you'd like to find out more about how the cargo pockets are designed, please read the Cargo Bib Short Deep Dive. The pockets are identical on our cargo winter garments.

Cargo Winter Bib Tights and 3/4 Cargo Winter Bib Tights

Finished with Ankle Zippers (Full Lengths only)

This full length winter tights in this range are finished off with an ankle zipper and hemmed with a silicone band.

The ankle zippers make it easy to wear. The zippers have a lock-function. This prevents them from tapping your leg with every pedal stroke. They stay in place once you've zipped them down.

Special attention was given to the calf and ankle dimensions. I wanted this to compress and hug a wide range of ankle and calf sizes. It fits riders with slim and muscular lower legs equally well.


    Autumn/Spring Collection