RedWhite Cargo Bibshort - An Overview

**The Cargo Bibshort is available in Men's Men's and Women's versions.

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The RedWhite Cargo Bibshort is the result of over a year of development work. If you'd like to read about how this product was developed, I recommend reading Prototype 1 and Prototype 2.

This article will cover key technical details about this cargo bibshort.

It's all about the Cargo Pockets

A Cargo Bibshort is all about the pockets and being able to carry your riding essentials without relying on bike packs.

This bibshort uses a stretchy & tough mesh fabric. It's made of nylon and is snag resistant.

To get an idea of just how tough it is, here's a picture of it being abused by a jar of peanut butter. I used a large jar mainly because when you're bikepacking, you may load up on packaged food like this and might choose to throw one into your pocket. On the off-chance you do, this bibshort can handle it within reason.

PS : I don't recommend you to do this for too long. Any product will eventually fail when pushed beyond its reasonable limit.

Cargo bibshort with peanut butter

Let's not beat around the bush on this one. A Cargo Bibshort is mainly all about pockets. In my book, more useful pockets = better.

The key operating word is "useful". This bibshort has 4 large, useful pockets. They fit a lot of things. 3 of them are easily accessible.

  • 2 Thigh Pockets (easy access)
  • 1 Low Back Pocket (easy access)
  • 1 High Back Pocket (difficult access)

Large Thigh Pockets (on both sides)

We begin with the Thigh Pockets. These pockets were designed to :

  • Expand generously to fit 1000 calories of bars & a large phone
  • Stretches and maintains tension to keep items secure (no annoying movement of your bars, phone, keys etc when pedalling)
  • Lie flat when not used

The model above is wearing the smallest possible size - Women's Cargo Bibshort in Size XS. This small size still has large enough thigh pockets for 3 cereal bars and a Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone, with room to spare.

women's cargo bibshort thigh pocket

Thigh Cargo pockets are a nuisance if they flap about with every pedal stroke when not filled. RedWhite's Cargo Bibshort use a stretchy nylon fabric that lies flat when not in use. We achieved this by tailoring the pockets to always maintain tension when worn. They stretch across your thigh and remain in place like a second skin until filled.

Low Back Pocket

rear pocket

I added 2 pockets to rear of this cargo bibshort. The first one is a low back pocket. This pocket sits below your jersey's gripper, making it easy to access on the go. Reaching back and pulling something out is actually easier than your jersey pockets.

It is a single, high volume pocket. You can throw a lot of random stuff in. In the photo above, the model put a large banana and a MTB inner tube and had a lot more room to spare.

Just like the Thigh Pockets, this lower back pocket is tailored with some tension in. It stays flat when not used and expands generously when needed. 

High Back Pocket

Cargo Bibshort pocket rear high up

This Cargo Bibshort is finished with a higher back pocket. Keeping with the large size theme, this pocket is generous in size. It sits underneath your jersey and is more difficult to access as a result.

The purpose of this pocket is for you to store items you'd rarely use. Things like :

  • Gilet
  • Multi-tool kit
  • Inner tubes

Similar to the other pockets, this stays flat when not in use and has tension that keeps everything secure.

The Cargo Bibshort is available in Men's & Womens versions :

The Base of this Bibshort

The RedWhite Cargo Bibshort is based on our most popular long distance - The BIB range. The lycra, mesh fabric, gripper and pad are lifted directly from that bibshort. 

This means that the Cargo bibshort will be identical in sizing and fit to all other RedWhite bibshorts.


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