A New Direction - Part 1

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RedWhite Apparel's 2020 focus will be exclusively on bibshorts and shorts. In light of this focus, I will be discontinuing the following product lines on this website :

  • Jerseys
  • Baselayers
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Bidons

One of my biggest challenges at the moment is growing the company while keeping the core long distance bibshort product line fully stocked. Every year, as demand ramps up going into the riding season, inventory runs out. This happens despite growing the volume of bibshorts ordered in every production cycle.

A good problem to have, but it is still a problem.

My decision to discontinue the above 5 product lines was made after analysing sales data. For every 100 customers who make a purchase on this website, only 20 choose to buy one of the above items. While 20% represents a sizeable chunk of revenue, it isn't high enough to justify the resources that go into maintaining those items.

Jerseys in particular are a tremendous resource black hole. They're graphically heavy and fashion driven. Jerseys follow fashion cycles and to do them well requires investing in a design team who can produce new releases every season. There are many other companies who do this far better than RedWhite Apparel.

RedWhite Apparel's competitive advantage is producing long-distance bibshorts and retailing them at an affordable price. In order to keep doing this well, I need to maintain focus and not deviate from this company's core mission. Maintaining product lines that aren't bibshorts does dilute focus at the moment, hence my decision to discontinue them.

What's next?

Moving away from the above 5 product lines has freed me up to focus on some new projects that will be hitting the market in late 2020 and early 2021. Below is a list of products you can expect to see :

Products for release by Summer 2020

Products for release in late 2020 / early 2021

Products in early development stage (no release date)

  • The BIB Recycled : a version of The BIB that's made using recycled material. (Project update here)
  • The BIB Ultra : an upgraded version of The BIB with a next generation pad and upgraded fabrics and cut. Designed to take you even further than The BIB. (Project update here)
  • The MTB Liner : a liner bib with pockets that will allow Enduro and XC riders to wear them under baggies and enjoy the comfort of a bibshort while dressing the part for trails. Integrated pockets will allow riders to carry spares, nutrition and a 3L water bladder. You can ditch your hip bag / backpack.
  • Padded Boxers : you read that right. Boxer underwear (made of a mesh fabric) with an integrated pad. To be worn beneath your regular clothing for your commutes.


All of the above projects are in active development. Some are much further along than the rest and will be available for sale by summer 2020. Others are pretty early and a release date isn't available as of today. 

If you have an opinion on this article, on this new company direction or on the products listed above, please leave it in the comment section below.



@ROB MCIVOR : This is true. It’s a faux pas to rock up to your weekly club run in non-team issue jerseys. The rest of the week is usually taken up by whatever new jersey is fashionable. I would love to get in on this party, but as a solo founder, it’s too time consuming given my focus on the bibshorts and other projects for 2020. I did consider building out a graphics team, but this is expensive with very little return on investment right now. Perhaps in future.

@SEAN EASTMAN : Couldn’t agree more. It’s very easy to always keep chasing the new shiny thing and the product expansion in 2017 was exactly that since I wanted RedWhite to go into other pieces of kit. I think it’s much wiser and a better use of capital to focus on bibshorts and doubling down on the padded legwear that truly solves the comfort problem for my customers.

@ERIK LAM : PBP is relatively warm, which makes thermals unnecessary for the most part. However, I do disagree with you on the entry level bibshort. It’s a product that is not intended for experienced cyclists who make up the majority of my current customer base. It’s for the cyclist who’s new to the game and is looking for an upgrade that doesn’t break the bank. The current shorts retail at a price point above US$100, which makes is really expensive for the new cyclist who isn’t accustomed to investing that much. The new cyclist also rarely rides above 100km, which makes the features of The BIB overkill for them. I also recognise the need to double down on the product for matured riders such as yourself, hence the expansion of The BIB product line to The Cargo model and an upgraded model called The Ultra. Very excited about these new items!

@GRANT : Definitely. The current range is actually really tight and each new piece to be introduced has to have a specific use as well. My plan is to move cautiously by stocking intelligently and scaling up with demand.


A great decision.
Stick to your knitting and continue to do the one thing well including having stock available!!
I know the problem of keeping up with increasing demand
I would be cautious about the number of new lines of short I introduced as it could get you back to the current problem of having a lot of $$ tied up in slow moving inventory
Love your bibs, probably the most comfortable I have worn

Grant March 06, 2020

It’s good decision to terminate the current jersey and bidons production line.
For me as an Asian brevet rider, winter bib is not really essential for us. Even PBP 2019, I finished it with my redWhite bib short and perform so well.

The entry level I think is not that attractive for entry level asian rider since most of the RedWhite customer bought lots of bib short from various brand and finally found the uncompromised quality of Red White. In other words, the entry level bib is a red sea market which required lot’s promotion on it.

The premium bib with pocket I think is great since now only Rapha have such product available.

erik lam March 04, 2020

Yuva, your bibs are my go to bibs. The level of compression and the chamois are the best I’ve found. The first set of bibs I purchased have lasted me 2 years, and they are still my favorites. I just ordered 2 more sets. I will definitely be ordering the winter bibs as well, when they come out. As a business owner myself, I know all too well that you have to adapt to the market. Wise decision on discontinuing the other lines. Do one thing very well! Good luck, and I’ll be here purchasing your product!

Sean Eastman March 02, 2020

Seems like a very sensible decision. It’s better to be know for doing one thing extremely well than many things adequately. Most of the people I ride with tend to wear club or event jerseys – and I’ve never explored their base layers or socks!

Looking forward to seeing the expanded bibs range.

Rob McIvor February 29, 2020

Thanks everyone for leaving so many comments. The feedback is very useful, particularly about the upcoming new projects. It won’t be possible for me to reply to every comment, there are a few that I will :

@ROSS : A skeleton range of jerseys and socks for matching purposes is a good idea, but executing it is impossible since what is popular changes every season. Jerseys are fashion and trend driven and it is a game I am ill equipped to play well. Perhaps this would be possible in future. One possible way forward would be to do limited release designs. It is low priority at the moment given the list of items I am planning to release.

@DAVID RICHARDSON, @BRUCE MCDOUGALL : Long and short versions of the current bibshorts are planned. The long ones will be 2 inches more in the legs. Short ones will be 2 inches shorter (for the stout guys).

@EVERYONE WHO COMMENTED ABOUT ULTRA AND CARGO : Prototypes of Cargo are arriving and will undergo my usual high mileage testing. If the tests go well, production samples will soon follow and then a launch date will be set. Ultra is in the pad development stage and will take some time to roll out.

Yuva, Founder @ RedWhite Apparel February 29, 2020

Can only echo the other comments, you are known as a bib short company so having a full range sounds smart. However where I disagree is that a lot of people put stock in to having a matching outfit – perhaps I’m wrong but this seems to be a trend that is growing in importance. Is it viable to keep a skeleton range of just one colour of jersey and the same with socks? In only the most popular sizes?

Ross February 29, 2020

This is great news !!! I have 3 jerseys and 3 bib ….. and looking for thermal bib or long thermal bib tight …. the cargo bib will be my next purchase list !!! As always Red White is my favorite bib and I hope and wish and pray and demand that

Please stitch the chamois a little forward so rider that in race /attack positions can lower their back and rotate their seat bone forward to benefit the chamois!!! Please please and I beg …….most of the thickest part of chamois squeeze to the butt

raymond kwok February 29, 2020

I really like your bib shorts. Good plan. You have the best and I have tried many many bibs and shorts over the past 50 years of riding( at one time we had leather chamois for padding!) That said I think you can even make a better bib- keep working and good luck! Best! Alan

Alan Trammell February 29, 2020

Yuva – Have been with you for several years and these are the only Bibs I recommend (with good success!) I think this is a great idea – Reinforce success is the way forwards

Good luck for the next year! Cheers mate!

Ian Slack February 29, 2020

I’ve been with you from your early days and this will ensure that I can stay with you for the long haul. Wise decision.

al February 29, 2020

Congrat’s on moving to the next plateau…Look forward to the new products and future purchases…Pleased with my purchases of Bibs, Gloves, Baselayers…Continued Success…

Larry February 28, 2020

I totally understand your decision. Do one thing and do it well, right? Regarding your comments about fashion driving jerseys, I think you’re right, but many people complain when companies change well-liked products. I know when a product I like is discontinued, I get pretty frustrated. People who like your jerseys would probably be happy that the jerseys don’t change. I’d love to be able to buy a certain pair of Giro bibs they don’t make anymore. As it is, I buy yours instead.

So, I really like the bibs. I notice a lot, if not most, of the reviews focus on the pad. While the pad is impressive, I love the cut and quality of the bib more. To me, it’s everything other than the pad that makes your bibs great. Not that I don’t like the pad, I just mean that it is a small part of my affection for your bibs. So, as far as new products, I’d love to see bibs with a typical pad in them. I’m sure gravel people will like the cargo bib you are making.

I wish you best of luck.

John Putman February 28, 2020

Honestly I think this idea makes sense Yuva. Your bibs are absolutely special and it’s a great plan to focus on them and not get caught up in the complex but not so special details of the jerseys.

Andrew February 28, 2020

Look after your company. Love The Bib. Look forward to purchasing the thermal one.

Michael February 28, 2020

I agree with Dave Richardson, above: your bib shorts are terrific, but on a taller rider, they look like hot pants. I’d welcome an extra-long version.

Bruce McDougall February 28, 2020

Good decision

You make the best long distance shorts. Keep pushing and develop that advantage. Three quarter and full tights would be great additions.

All the best


Dave February 28, 2020

I love your jerseys & the materials they are made from.Love the colour of the sahara. They are my Go To jerseys in summer. I will miss them . Thanks

Steve February 28, 2020

A tough decision but I think a good one.

Jerseys are a saturated market and as you said, fashion driven. Your bibs however, are outstanding. I have a few, over the years and have introduced friends to them, none of whom are disappointed.

Ultra, put me down for a pair and as I’ve moved back to Oz from SG, I’ll be taking the thermal and long as well.

You make a great product at a competitive price, doubling down should be a good move.

I’ll be pointing all my friends to your new line to support you.

Best of luck !


Julian DOYLE February 28, 2020

I currently own a couple of sets of your bibs. I have long legs and they look tiny on me, I would like to see an extra long leg option become available, even if I had to pay extra on top of the Original cost. Endura do this (4cm extra).

David Richardson February 28, 2020

Bring on the Bib Ultras – Hopefully I have a few pairs to use in preparation for the Wembo 24hr Champs in Australia later this year…..

Lonnie Toia February 28, 2020

Love your bibs. Probably the right decision to axe the rest. Time will tell and you can always do a future limited release or preordered jersey if you get a sense there’s a demand. Very keen to see your new products roll out.

Michial Coldwell February 28, 2020

Really looking forward to the winter bibs and it would be ride not to try the ultras.

Pete February 28, 2020

Wish I could buy more but your bibs just don’t wear out quick enough no matter how many miles I do!
Will be trying the Ultra’s for sure though!

Rich February 28, 2020

It’s a good decision. I love the bibshorts – on my fifth pair. They are best I have worn. The jersey was ok and the gloves meh. Do you what you excel at. I’ll ride the bibshorts forever.

John February 28, 2020

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