Ben Wild (Melbourne, Australia)

Ben Wild's bibshorts
Words by Ben Wild. Customer since 2018.

I’m not normally seduced by Facebook advertising, however your adverts kept on coming up on my feed, so I decide to give them a go; however I’m not normally a roadie. My riding career is fairly varied from a short lived BMX race (yes, singular), to social mountain biking in Canberra, Australia which is where I fell into the ‘right’ crowd of social roadie commuters. Coffee and breakie spots every Tuesdays followed by ice creams on the way home; however at this point, I was a Bellwether bib rider, as they had nice plush chamsios.

Though it all changed when I followed the first Indian Pacific Wheel Race (IPWR) as a dot watcher and was enthralled by watching the dots every moment I could; however when Mike passed away during the right, it really affected me. I ended up seeing a psychiatrist (for other reasons as well) that helped me realign what is important to me and what I want to achieve in the future. As I liked riding, he recommended that I look into long distance bike riding and with his threat to call me two days after our session to ensure I signed up to a race, I soon entered my first Audax (which was a 300km) and my first multi day event, the Transatlantic Way (TAW).

I must have been phone surfing to find the right gear and I came across Red White, and I’ve never looked back. 7 pairs later, they are the best bibs I have ever had, just the right amount of cushioning for a heavy guy like me. They are extremely hardy that when a pair that I was airing on my rear saddlebag, accidentally fell and lodged in the cassette and disk brake during the TAW, it took a good 20mins of hacking and stabbing to get them free (so they’re made well).

Since then, I’ve gone a few gravel rides but struggling with the motivation to get out for another multiday ride, however, I no longer worry about where my gear is coming from. Nearly every ride I do now is on Zwift and the turbo, and they're just as good there as they are anywhere. 

Thanks for making such great kit (sorry I don’t have any outdoor pics but I'll try in a few weeks when the weather is slightly below the scorching 45degrees with bush fires all around).