Evan Marsters (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

Evan Marsters in Redwhite bibshorts
Words by Evan Marsters | Using The BIB Stealth since : April 2020
Recently I did the Humphreys 50 mile gravel grinder in my RedWhite shorts. It was roughly 3500 ft elevation and 56 miles of gravel bliss. So far this year distances in these shorts has ranged from 100-40 mile rides.

When digging through the shorts bin, I grab these for my long rides. They’re comfortable, sleek and are threaded with a special material that makes you faster. My wattage goes through the roof when I slide these bad dogs on.

These truly are my favourite in the fleet and the only time I have to make a hard decision about them is whether I should wear them today or save them for a longer bike ride tomorrow. Thanks Yuva. I’ve really enjoyed my bibs and plan to order more!