Chris Voo (Singapore)

Chris Voo

Words by Chris Voo. Customer since February 2018
Chris is wearing The BIB Stealth
When I bought my first RedWhite Bibshort, it was after trying many different brands all making certain claims that didn't really match up for me. But everything about RedWhite's Bibshorts felt right in my first ride in it and its been nothing but redwhite since. I've ridden through many century rides in RedWhite, just pure bliss and the best pamper you can give your butt.


The quality is exceptional, the chamios remains as if the first day, and you just look great in it. I've bought a second pair shortly after my first pair, not because the first one was wearing out, on the contrary its still as good as new even after 2 years, but because its just so damn good. 


Kudos to the redwhite team, Bibshorts to be proud of. Needless to say, I've since recommended my friends.


Well done RedWhite.