Shannon Petitjean (Leonardtown, Maryland, USA)

Shannon Petitjean

Words by Shannon Petitjean. Customer since 2016
Shannon is wearing The BIB Women.

I was found RedWhite Apparel on Instagram. They were developing The BIB Women at that time (2016) and I signed up as an early prototype tester for the new women's bibshort. 1000s of miles in them, I still own them and 4 other pair as well. 

I remember one specific ride that I was wearing my RedWhite bibs. It was early spring. It happened to be a very warm day. Temps in the high 80s and very high humidity.  I set out to do a  training ride for the two half Ironmans (70.3).  My goal was 65 miles. I had ridden that distance a few times. Completing a few 100 milers as well. So it shouldnt have been a hard day.

It was hard.

The humidity and the hot sun was melting me so quick. I did notice that I was able to keep riding in comfort. Which allowed me to focus on how sore my legs were. After climbing over 3,800 feet and completing those 65 miles I realised that I had not used any Chamois butter for the whole ride.

I have tried seven different brands of Bibs. None of them could be worn without applying Chamois butter. The best feeling is that Mile 65 felt as great as mile one. 

I truly madly love your bibs. It is all I reach for. Next to my JLVELO jerseys.  I have 4 sets from them. I just cant get on my bike without them