RedWhite Apparel makes cycling bib shorts that allow you to ride further, comfortably. Our guiding mission since 2014 has been to build plush, padded cycling shorts that help you ride ultra-distance events such as the Paris-Brest-Paris, Race Across America (RAAM) and multiple 24 Hour endurance events. Read reviews by our customers from all around the world that ride comfortably in RedWhites.
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The BIB (Men's)
david dawson (Las Vegas, Nevada, United States)
Good fit

The shorter inseam is perfect. They feel like your not wearing anything once you start riding. I ride red white apparel on every ride not just my long ones. I have been using RW sense 2014 and haven't bought another brand. Attention to detail and quality are the best in the business.

Thank you for the very kind words David, and for being a customer since day 1 :)

3/4 Bibs

So ive bought another pair of bib shorts this time round the 3/4 pair. Equally well made and comfortable. No complaints on its quality. Mainly i bought it to help against the sun and i would say it does a really really good job. Doesnt feel hot in the sun neither does it trap moisture after youre drench in the rain it dries up relatively quickly with the win and sun. Especially for cycling in singapore and malaysia when the weather is fickle . Grade A +++ product. Yuva again definitely provides out of this world customer service and support would definitely deal with again. 👍👍👍👍👍

The Entry Bib Short (Men's)
Ryan (Memphis, Tennessee, United States)
World Class Customer Service

In addition to previous review, I must say that the customer service Yuva provides is unmatched!! The quality and customer service makes this company unbeatable.

The Entry Bib Short (Men's)
Ryan (Hensley, Arkansas, United States)
Definitely would recommend

5'10" 178cm 186lbs (84kg) I have now been on multiple rides with "the entry bib short" from Red White. I love these, my rides in them average around 1 hour and 30 minutes and they are great for that length. I wore them and rode a 100k ride lasting just less than 4 hours and at that point they were still great, but it was definitely pushing the boundaries in my opinion. I love these and would definitely recommend them to anyone. I have not yet been on a ride with "the stealth bib short", but if the quality is as good as it is for "the entry bib short" Im sure I will love them too.

Thank you so much for the kind words Ryan. For anyone reading this review : Please note that Ryan is wearing size XL in both The BIB & The Entry Bibshort.

The Cargo Bib Short (Men's) with Pockets
Seton Linaker (Cowaramup, Western Australia, Australia)
Just ordered a second pair

The product is well made and fits snug. I have now worn them on multiple 5-6 hour rides on both single track, fire roads and technical gravity trails and am very happy with them. I just ordered my second pair and will be heading off to ride Cape Epic in them with every confidence I will be comfortable. They look good too. The communication and speed in which they were sent to me was also fantastic.

The BIB (Men's)
Jonathan Lee

I've only started cycling 2-3mths ago, tried ASSOS and s-phere bibs but none was close to as comfortable & fitting as the redwhite bibs.
Just placed my 2nd order w Yuva and i'm excited to try the new size he recommended !
Thanks once again Yuva!!!!

Great comfort and usability

This is my first of 2 red white bibs. I’ve only ever tried Assos, Decathlon and Blacksheep bibs. In comparison this red white bib provides comfort (especially over my thighs) extremely well and the material provides a cooling effect while riding which feels fantastic especially on humid hot weather which commonly happens in Singapore.

The sizing matches me better as well as the waist and thigh ratio definitely fits me better than my previous bibs. The lining on the back, being a full piece, feels way more comfortable than the split ones from other companies. More importantly, the company provides excellent customer service and definitely gives professional advice on what would fit you best as compared to other retailers who may not be able to give that perspective.

5 stars all around!

Oh another plus point: the cost!!!! Extremely value for money considered the high quality of the bub you receive. Do try it!

The BIB (Men's)
Brad Schumacher (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

When I first got them I thought the bibs straps were very tight on my shoulders. This was the first bib shorts I ever tried and was not used to them. Yuva said some people don't like the feel of the shoulder straps and can't were them. He offered me a pair with a discount but I waited a bit and After a lot of rides and a few washes the bib shorts are very comfortable. They fit perfectly and they are well made. Thanks for the sizing desk that recommended a size smaller than I ordered. Would recommend them.

Hi Brad, really happy you persisted with them and it paid off. Bibs are a hit or miss with new riders, but I think they are superior to shorts since you don't have something gripping your waist.

The Winter Bib Tights (Men's) with Pad
Brian (Queens, New York, United States)
Excellent Quality Winter bibs !

I really like these winter bibs- the comfort in the padding is exceptional, and they manage to keep you warm while not being too bulky- the lining is lightweight but very effective.
I usually ride 100 + miles a week (weather permitting) and these bibs seem like they can keep up. Customer service is unparalleled - communication was prompt and shipping was fast. I highly recommend theses bibs, and I am looking forward to getting a pair for the summer months. I am 5"7 and 165 lbs and size L fits well.

The BIB (Men's)
Daryl Low
Never Doubt!

This is my 4th purchase for my bibs from RW throughout a span of 5 years. Why only 4? The quality and fit is too good for replacment! Other brands claimed alot, market hyped plenty but RW stay strong through the test of time!! It gives me the comfort, very good fitting and excellent support especially at the important zones! It holds so well and even after long rides, I feel no stress over my quads! No way am I looking out for others. This product for the WIN!

Thank you for the very kind review Daryl :)

The Cargo Bib Short (Men's) with Pockets
Nigel Andrews (Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)
Comfort. very comfortable.

These Bib shorts with pockets were extremely comfortable and to a large degree solved the chaffing problem that I had in the groin. The fit is very good and the shorts held in my leggings.
Very good product.

The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad (Men's)
N. Kraft (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Just what I needed !! long summer bibs against the sun

I was so happy that RedWhite created these; it is just what I have been looking for to mitigate harmful sun exposure. I go through tons of sunblock on exposed skin, and this is the perfect solution for the legs at least. I've never been happy with any of the 'leggings' from any makers, they always slip down and I spend all my training time hiking them back up. What's more, they are usually in white, so they get really ratty looking after a short time.

I've tested these now under various conditions and they are totally comfortable in all but the hottest weather. Above about 32 degrees (C) they seem a bit 'warm', but anything would be, even some of the sun-shielding products that claim to be 'cooling'.. However, up to that point, they are as if riding with bare skin, and I have used these happily in 35deg sunny conditions too. I would have preferred them to be a wee bit longer - they come about 4 inches (10cm) below the knee - I'd prefer if they were mid-calf. But they stay there - the grippers are terrific and they do not ride up with pedaling. So I wear long-ish socks and then fill the remaining few inches of calf with sunscreen. The main thing is that the thighs are protected from radiation.! I am convinced that these do a much better job at sun-shielding than even the best sunscreen product can. I don't know of any other manufacturer producing something like this; most 3/4 tights are too hot to use in summer.

As for the design and manufacture, they are equal to all of RW's bibs - simply superb ! Workmanship and materials are top-notch and the chamois does its job admirably. It is the same pad that is in the normal stealth bibs and it does what it's supposed to do: moisture management. For those who are looking for 'cushioning' from the pad, it is also generous, but not in any way obtrusive. The pad may feel a bit 'ample' when first walking around, but on the bike it virtually disappears, never binds, pinches nor bunches, even on the narrowest of saddles, and even after long workouts, there is never any discomfort from the pad or the bibs in any way.

In short, I am absolutely happy with these for the purpose of sun shielding and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a longer-length bib designed for warm/hot summer cycling.

Thank you, Yuva !! N.K.

BTW, I have been happily riding with several products from RW: stealth bibs, as well as thermal shorts and the marvelous winter bib tight. All are superb. They are far superior to anything in this price range, and in most ways comparable in function to any of the 'elite' makers, without the astronomical pricing.

Thank you for the very detailed and incredibly kind and generous review :) - Yuva, Founder @

The Winter Bib Tights (Men's) with Pad
Lucas (Austin, Texas, United States)
Warm but somehow breathable

I live in Texas and so I don't often have to ride in temperatures below 50F, but I do need at least one full-length option for cold weather. I had been using some very old tights and also had a pair of thermal bib shorts from another company that I complemented with some thermal leggings. Both of these options left me feeling stiflingly hot unless it was truly frigid out.

When these RedWhite bibs arrived, I saw the thick, red fleece on the inside and thought that I'd almost never need that much warmth, but they are GREAT. I have worn them in the 30s, 40s, and even low 50s and I never felt like I needed to pull off and yank down my drawers to ventilate the nether-regions ;-) They breathe yet, somehow, also keep me warm.

I also have several pairs of the "flagship" bibs and wear RedWhites on almost all of my outdoor road rides because they are so much more comfortable than anything else I've ridden in. I can also vouch for the amazing customer service you get from Yuva, the man in charge.

Hi Lucas, the fabric I chose is rated for 32F to 60F. It's truly a remarkable material and a lot of engineering and research went into producing it by the supplier. It's got hollow yarns in the insulating layer which uses air pockets to create a light and efficient insulating layer.

The Cargo Bib Short (Men's) with Pockets
Julia Davis (Marble Falls, Texas, United States)
Love the Bib Cargo pants

These bibs are the best I found for long distance riding. Sizing it true to chart and wash great. Highly recommend them.

The BIB (Men's)
Graham Byrnes (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
So finally...

Well it's been a while... shifting countries, buying a house, recovering from long covid. But yesterday, to celebrate paying the deposit on the house, on the bike for 99km in the Adelaide hills. The shorts were excellent. No lingering bruises as from other brands. Attached are 3 photos with lingering chain wax and other stains: they ride a little higher on the thigh than is currently fashionable, but then I have long thighs and... fashion is not my thing. No different to my other shorts, in any case. Bravo le fabricant :-)

Thank you for this detailed review Graham :) - Yuva

RW Bib Shorts

Great bibs at a decent price,
Very comfortable and a great fit, have been using these shorts for the last couple of years after paying silly prices from the usual trendy Australian suppliers, these are great value and do a fantastic job.

The BIB (Men's)
Benjamin Tan Xuan
Best bib shorts thus far

Ive used this shorts for a few long rides now and no discomfort what so ever. Yuva is also really patient with ensuring you get the right fit. Of course price is alittle on the premium but so is the quality. This is definitely not a mainstream brand that cuts cost with cheap material and sell at a high course because of branding. Worth the buy

Thank you for the very kind words Benjamin :) - Yuva

The Entry Bib Short (Men's)
Henry Hodgson (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)
Commuter Pair

I have an existing winter full length and a stealth pair, I needed an everyday pair for commuting, these are well priced, comfortable and sufficient quality and comfort for the price range. delivery was perfect

Really happy you like The Entry Bib Short Henry :)

The Winter Bib Tights (Men's) with Pad
troy helmkamp (Houston, Texas, United States)
Very comfortable

The winter bibs are very comfortable. I have not used them often due to living in a warmer climate. Used them recently on an 80 mile ride and have no complaints. Padding was good. No pain. Very comfortable. I purchased XL based on the suggested measurements. I’m 5’11 and 175 lbs. They are slight big but barely noticeable. My next set of RW bibs will be size L. I personally like them tighter. But overall very happy with the product.

Hi Troy, yes you can go down to a size L. Why don't I offer a replacement at half price since you inadvertently bought a size too big? Email me at :

The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad (Men's)
Eric Onderdelinden (IJsselstein, Utrecht, Netherlands)
Nice product and fast delivery

Received this product as a crash replacement. Which is really nice offer from Yuva. Really helps overcoming the impact of a crash. It has all of the qualities of the bib and covers the knees. Have not used it as it is now too cold for a short bib. Not sure if I wil use it in slightly lower temperature for warmer knees or in summer as a higher level of UV protection. Or perhaps both.

The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad (Men's)
Nathaniel Peat (Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)
Lake Taupō Cycle challenge success

Appreciated all the support the bib shorts have me while cycling the lake Taupō cycling challenge my first 160km / 100miler. Great fit, good timely shipping and love the attention put into it all. :)

The Winter Bib Tights (Men's) with Pad
Javier Estrella (Los Angeles, California, United States)

I highly recommend these winter bib tights. Did a 100k ride in 50 degrees F , let me say bib did not disappoint. Kept me warm and chamois very comfortable. I’m 6 foot 1 and 215 Lbs 2XL fit perfect.

The Cargo Bib Short (Men's) with Pockets
Gary Barney (Roy, Utah, United States)
My favorite bibs!!! 🤜🏼💥🤛🏼

These the most comfort i have had with cycling bibs/shorts in my 40 years of riding.
Excellent quality and no issues. I have spent much more for lesser comfort. Serious long ride comfort.

The BIB - Stealth (Legacy)
Greg Miles (Santa Rosa, California, United States)
Buy these!

I’m on my second pair of these and will undoubtedly buy them again.They have a fantastic chamois pad and the compression is superior to all others I’ve tried.Unbeatable choice for the money!

The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad (Men's)
Brucer (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Fit for summer

Because of a recent skin condition, I've needed more protection from summer sunlight than I get from bib shorts and jerseys, and I don't like to slather myself with sun cream, which does a crummy job in any case as it melts away in the heat. I bought some protective sleeves that I wear on my arms as well as a long-sleeved jersey made of a sun-resistant fabric, but my legs until now remained exposed. Now, with Red White 3/4 summer bib tights, I don't have to worry. They fit exactly like my Red White bib shorts and offer the same degree of comfort when I'm riding. My Red White bibs are my favourite shorts. I wear them in winter under my padless tights. I'm sure my Red White 3/4 bibs will become favourites, as well, but I'll have to wait till summer to prove it. It's winter at the moment in Canada, zero degrees and windy. But we'll get over it.