RedWhite Apparel makes cycling bib shorts that allow you to ride further, comfortably. Our guiding mission since 2014 has been to build plush, padded cycling shorts that help you ride ultra-distance events such as the Paris-Brest-Paris, Race Across America (RAAM) and multiple 24 Hour endurance events. Read reviews by our customers from all around the world that ride comfortably in RedWhites.
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The BIB (Men's)
D Jett (Freeburg, Illinois, United States)
Very Nice Bibs

I have only been able to do two rides with these bibs since receiving, due to a mechanical issue with my bike. The 80 mile ride I did over the weekend, the bibs were nice and comfortable. I would recommend reaching out to Yuva via email with your measurements and go off of his recommendation. If I wouldn't have, and ordered off of my typical size, they would have been extremely tight.

The BIB (Men's)
J Ponce (Van Nuys, California, United States)
Best bang for your $$$$$

Purchased these bibs for a 2 day event, blew all my expectations!!! Hands down the most comfortable bibs I owe to date! Highly recommended!

The Cargo Bib Short (Men's) with Pockets
Karyn Pyle (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Cargo bibs.

I've had these bibs for quite a while now; due to working away from home it takes a little while to get km's in.

Simply put, the best pair of bibs I own by far. Super comfortable with the pockets being in the perfect position; especially the lower back one, super easy to reach!
I was a little concerned about the size of the pad initially. Totally unjustified; it just work!

Currently I use them on my gravel bike with rides of 3 to 4 hours long and have absolutely no complaints.
Fit is perfect; sized by Yuva. Pockets on the legs are spot on for gels, phone etc. and, as highlighted above, the back lower spot is so so easy to reach. Quality of product is on point, they seem to be very well made.

Customer service? You will be struggling to find better! Informative through the whole process with an absolute pleasure to have someone answer queries promptly; not that there were many!

I thoroughly recommend!! When I need a new pair I know where they'll be coming from!

Thanks for the service mate!

The BIB (Men's)
Michael Greenberg (New Haven, Connecticut, United States)
No longer worry about comfort in the saddle!

Ordered one pair of RedWhites The Bib (Men's) after getting my first gravel bike (only rode MTB prior) and realizing I needed something more plush but more importantly something that would not chafe or cause discomfort on longer rides. Scouring the internet, I was led to believe this could only be done by spending $300+ on a top-tier bib. On another forum, I found RedWhites were mentioned as a real contender for half the price. So, I decided to give them a shot.

Yuva helped me through the sizing help desk to get me into the perfect fitting pair. Upon receiving them, I was amazed with how comfortable they were vs. my existing bibs I use for MTB. The pad felt thick and awkward at first, but I very quickly adapted and learned to appreciate the thickness, especially on rides longer than 2 hours. Just recently I rode my first century (100 miles / 160 km) and grabbed the RedWhites bib for the day. Amazing! I was so worried about discomfort later on the ride from the bibs but I was pleasantly surprised to remain in complete comfort the entire time. Sure, you need to remember to stand up every once in a while and get the blood flowing, but that's the case with any bib as 6+ hours in the saddle is a long time. I had zero irritation, redness, or anything negative to speak of upon completion of the long ride.

I have since purchased a second pair. I will continue to be a RedWhites customer and am excited to ride further in comfort in these amazing bibs!

The BIB (Men's)
Guy Hatton (Madrid, Madrid, Spain)
Very comfortable bib shorts

I bought these for an 8 day ride across Spain. They worked brilliantly with almost no discomfort despite temperatures into the 40s. Not only are they good on the bike they're also excellent when off the bike. I thoroughly recommend them even at the relatively high price

The BIB (Men's)
Michael Carroll (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
My 2nd pair

These are my 2nd pair. Wore my 1st pair down to the ground, got that bad my mate said he could see my plumbers crack!! Very comfortable and like new the updates on them. Done my first 100km in them with no problem, my bum loves them & will thank you for them. Just need to shave the guns!

The BIB (Men's)
GA (Loveland, Ohio, United States)
Fantastic Product

This is my first pair of bibshorts and RedWhite and I absolutely love them. I'm 5'7" and 158lbs and the Medium bibs fit perfectly. I'm blow away by their comfort, the quality of the material, and the pad. They feel like a second skin with no bunching or stretching. The best compliment I can give them is that I forget about wearing them when I'm on a ride. I also took the advice about handwashing seriously. That's right, I've never handwashed anything before, but I'm doing them with these since I'm so impressed. I highly recommend these and I'll be looking for some cold weather tights in the coming months.

The BIB (Men's)
Rick Dorrington (Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada)
Amazing, as usual.

This is at least my 6th pair of RedWhites. I’ve had at least one of each style and they are, without a doubt, the best bibs I’ve ever put on. Recently spent time in the alps of Bormio and riding around Tuscany. All day comfort every time. Yuva deserves a boatload of credit for what he is doing with his company. Buy with confidence. You won’t be sorry. ( Stealth Regular Length XL - 180.3 cm - 88.5 kilos - Inseam 85 cm - Hips 102 cm - Quads at tanline 47 cm) Fit is perfect.

The BIB (Men's)
Ricardo Santos (Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal)
Great product

Super comfortable

The BIB (Men's)
QJ (Singapore, Singapore)
Comfy and great fitting bibs

The bibs have been great! Comfy and no sore sit bones after really long training rides. Padding is second to none!

Will definitely be getting more of these once my current training bibs are retired.

And thanks Yuva for the attentive support in helping to size me correctly!

Great shorts, super comfy on long rides. Speedy delivery and responsive service. V happy

The BIB (Men's)
David Morgan (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)
MTB and Road

Couple long MTB and Road rides. I like them. Planning Colorado trail in July. 👍

The BIB (Men's)
John Johnson (South Shields, England, United Kingdom)
Best Bibs By Far

Bought these Bibs as most times things are ‘not quite right’ when buying from reviews, but so far, did 50 miles over weekend and not one issue apart from my arse is out of condition but the shorts 👌 peachy!!

So I can highly recommend these shorts, for the price you cannot complain as similar from other brands you’d be paying triple this, so give these a shot and you will not be disappointed.

Great sizing advice also as this too is usually hit and miss, YUVA was great 👌

5 ***** thanks JJ

5 hours? Try 15!

At first try, I felt the seam for the bigger back pocket on my bum, but once riding quickly forgot about it. The gripper on the leg are so light weight that I didn’t get my normal “sweat burn” from where they would rub away the sunscreen. Wore for 2 150 miles, 15+ hours, on back to back weekends. Going to keep wearing them to see how many rides and washes they survive, but for now, I’m not planning on buying any other bibs, ever!

The BIB (Men's)
Dirk Smith (Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico)
Feel Really Great even after Hours on the bike!

I ordered mine as L Regular, 5'9" and about 175 and they fit great! Snug and supportive, but not too tight and remain nice fitting even after hours on the trail or road.
Super high quality materials used and excellent stitchery! Nothing rubs and everything fits in just the right place!
Both the material and chamois breath well and I don't have any chaffing from riding in them.
I'm looking forward to adding multiple pairs of these to my biking clothes.
I'll update this after a few months.
I very HIGHLY recommend them !!!

The BIB (Women's)
Joanne Mak (Singapore, Singapore)
Very comfortable!

Needed new bibs & decided to try redwhite, which came highly recommended by my friend, Ben Koh. They arrived the day b4 my long ride from SG to Malacca and were most comfortable & also easy to slip on & off for toilet breaks! Loved them so much that I immediately considered getting a 2nd pair, even though I cld hv bought from another local brand that cost 1/3 of the price.

Thank you Yuva for the good service & follow through for my 2nd order. I wish you the best in your business!!:)

Thank you Joanne :). Really happy the bibs kept you comfortable!

The BIB (Men's)
Glenn Stuart - Seattle, WA (Bellevue, Washington, United States)
Serious Bib Shorts For Serious Cyclists

Hey all, Yuva is a great man who has brought us the best product ever which has evolved from great research and design over time and gets better every year! He has especially put up with me being a slacker for about 6 years now and never posting a review. Well, here it is. My body build is 260 lbs with a lot of upper mass, muscle, and of course, over age 50 fat that never seems to go away. I have been using these bibs for over 6 years now, the last pair finally died after 18 months. I can tell you that the biggest size I was able to buy in the beginning years was 2XL, then he came out with 3XL, and now the awesome 4XL's which fit me perfectly. A roadie friend of mine got me to switch (many years ago) and move away from the chaffing nightmares of other more expensive name-brand bibs. I couldn't believe it, my first pair of these was so comfortable during all the long-distance training I used to do for my yearly one-day 200-mile rides from Seattle to Portland. Many people use expensive chaffing creams, but I chose to use Noxema (classic clean) which works well with these bibs (and my skin) and does not damage them in any way. Since moving to these bibs, I have never experienced any further chaffing issues. I wash them as instructed and that's why they last so long. For those of you who are larger like myself, you will not find a better quality, long-lasting, and fairly priced bib short, there isn't anything out there. I will buy another pair here in the next couple of months as it gets hotter here. Lastly, Yuva's customer service is truly impeccable and delivery to my doorstep is a job well done in a timely manner with DHL shipping. I wish everyone the best of luck out there, please continue to buy these bibs and support RedWhite as I think many of us feel there's no other alternative that works this good!

The BIB (Men's)
George Martin (Colchester, England, United Kingdom)
Best Bib Short I've ever owned

Yuva was quick in responding to a sizing query. The bins arrived and have completed a fair few 100 mile rides in them. They are by far the most comfortable bibs I've ever owned and I've been riding for 30 years and have tried most brands. I will be ordering another pair.

The BIB (Men's)
Stewart BLACK (Bristol, England, United Kingdom)
New bib shorts

I bought an XL Short pair of the Bibs after recommendations (but I may have been 2XL). These shorts are smaller size than most Western/European sizing. The Short size are definitely short, but I like this as I have short legs and most shorts come right down to the knee cap. For a 34" waist the XL are snug, but not uncomfortable. The pad feels a little odd to start with as it sits a little lower. However you soon forget this on the bike and they are very comfortable for all day rides. As comfortable as any pair I've had to date. The pad looks quite similar to Endura FS 260 shorts - but I've not ridden these yet to compare. Overall I recommend but get at least 1 size up, maybe 2.

Hi Stewart, they do run smaller than most brands. I tailored the 2' Shorter Inseam version you bought for riders below 5 foot 7. At 168cm tall, i'm really happy the length on the XL (2' Shorter Inseam) size works!

The BIB (Men's)
Peter Allonby (Monteux, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France)
Great Bibs, Great Service

I found the fit a little on the small size. I normally wear XL and had to change them for XXL. I’ve just completed an 8hr, 145km, 2800m ride and I’m very happy with the comfort, fit and padding of the bibs, definitely the most comfortable I’ve worn.

The BIB (Men's)
Chris Parry (London, England, United Kingdom)

The choice to buy from redwhite was simple with the size guiding and a look at reviews and a wander around the website. The product is great, the service is great. Can’t go wrong. Had my first pair a month or so and will be getting more!

The 3/4 Winter Bib Tight with Pad (Men's)
Ken Cameron (Renton, Washington, United States)
Very nice fit.

First time for 3/4 bibs. They fit great. I have 4 other pair of redwhite bibs. I bought medium and they are plenty tight. 5’6, 140.

The BIB (Men's)
Peter Walters (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
Happy customer!

I have now worn my bib shorts on two 160km rides, and I am very happy with them. I am 194cm and 105kg, and Yuva's sizing recommendation (3XL regular) was very accurate. Perhaps the greatest feature is that I forgot I was wearing them! There was no chafing, grabbing or pressure points.
Brisbane, Australia

The BIB (Men's)
T.S (Salt Lake City, Utah, United States)
Great bibs

This is my third pair of bibs. Enjoy the fit and comfort on long rides.

The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad (Men's)
David Fambrough (Mansfield, Texas, United States)
When it's time to catch some rays

Did some serious miles in the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge. Not only did they work better than applying lots of sunscreen, the endurance chamois kept my backside happy. As anyone who rides gravel knows, a happy bum equals a great ride. Looking forward to many more adventures down the road less travelled.