RedWhite Apparel makes cycling bib shorts that allow you to ride further, comfortably. Our guiding mission since 2014 has been to build plush, padded cycling shorts that help you ride ultra-distance events such as the Paris-Brest-Paris, Race Across America (RAAM) and multiple 24 Hour endurance events. Read reviews by our customers from all around the world that ride comfortably in RedWhites.
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The BIB (Men's)
Jeffrey Walk (Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States)

Great bibs!! Second pair I have bought. Outstanding comfort with a fantastic fit!! Will buy more in the future!!

The BIB (Men's)
Bruce Morrison (Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand)
Love these bib shorts and the service from RedWhite

These bib shorts are my go to for long distance riding.
I had mistakenly picked a different leg length than the previous order. Yuva picked this up and checked before shipping - awesome!
The shorts were delivered in New Zealand a few days later and I used them that weekend on a 300km audax, riding in perfect comfort.

The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad (Men's)
CC Khaw (Jurong West, Singapore)
Nice bib

My third pair now, love Red White as always!

The Cargo Bib Short (Women's) with Pockets
Awilda Perez (Pleasantville, New York, United States)
SEXY - love love love these bib shorts.

Amazing shorts had to reorder this year. I ride with groups of people and we all love our bib shorts. Fit is true to size and wears very well... like a glove! five stars all the way! Customer service is great, Yuva is hands on. I will include pictures at a later date.

The Cargo Bib Short (Men's) with Pockets
Jake Preston (Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)
Cargo Bibshorts get 2 thumbs up!

Have now put in about 300km of riding in the new Cargo bibshorts. Longest ride was a 126km hilly spin. These are my 5th or 6th (?) RedWhite bibs - so, obvs I like the brand and products. First off, definitely glad I followed advice and SIZED UP. All other RedWhite bibs have been Medium, but these are Large. Putting them on for first time I was "Oh gracious me, these do hug one 'tightly'!" Had I got my regular Mediums...Herakles himself couldn't have squeezed me into them. True story. Nonetheless, the tighter Cargo bibs were in no way uncomfortably tight, and offered no extra resistance to pedaling compared to my older RedWhite The Bib bibs. The new leg grippers are a welcome upgrade. The older versions did loosen up after 6 months or so, and didn't grip leg warmers so well. These seem far sturdier and grippier too. The chamois is great - but the RedWhite chamois always are. I've done 500km rides in 'well worn' pairs and had no issue, this chamois feels familiar, supportive and cushiony without bulk. The rear pocket is accessible if you go totes handsfree/ stop I s'pose, but can't see it being super useful - however the 2 side pockets are awesome. They are very tight, very secure, breathable (I sweat like 2 pigs - so this was important to me), and well positioned. I have a big Galaxy S23 phone in a Quadlock case - so it is bulky - but it felt fine, easily accessible and never slid about, nor irritated the thighs. Kinda still miss the old logo,'s all good. Will be buying a 2nd and probably 3rd pair this year to make the permanent transition to these on all my outdoor rides.

The Entry Bib Short (Men's)
KenG (Naperville, Illinois, United States)
Another great product from RedWhite

I have ridden the entry bib for a couple hundred miles now and can confirm they are good for the stated intent for rides up to 3 hours. I did a 100k ride in them and they were fine but since I mainly ride the long distance bib I can tell the difference. At first the chamois felt a bit rough but smoothed out after a couple rides and washes. The quality is whatbyoud expect from Yuva, top notch! Satisfied customer :)

The BIB (Men's)
Andrew (Brossard, Quebec, Canada)
Very Comfortable & Perfect Sizing

Used the option to have a size recommended, and the size they suggested was perfect. I especially appreciated the 2" shorter inseam option. I've done several 3+ hour rides, and they've proved to be very comfortable so far; time will tell how durable they are over a full season. Would purchase again.

The Cargo Bib Short (Men's) with Pockets
Paul Wolstenholme (Coventry, Rhode Island, United States)
Great quality

I’m 5’8” and was ver surprised with the size I was recommended.
I highly suggest requesting what size is recommend for you build.
The shorts are very comfortable and great quality.
Highly recommended

HI Paul, really happy you like the shorts and took my sizing advice :). For everyone else, Paul is 5 foot 8', 170 lbs and has a 41' glute circumference. I recommended a size XL (Regular) in The Cargo Bib Short which worked great for him. It is a strange size and one he wouldn't have purchased on his own. But going by my sizing charts, the XL is absolutely the right choice. 41' puts him right between XL and 2XL according to my sizing charts and i'm happy the XL worked great for him.

I encourage all customers to use the Sizing HelpDesk, particularly for The Cargo Bib Short.

- Yuva, Founder

The BIB (Men's)
Julian Gobourne (Deer Park, New York, United States)
Worth the wait 👍🏾

Finally got weather here in NY to wear shorts with no warmers and jersey with no sleeve. It was worth the wait as my Red and White shorts were finally put to the test and passed with flying colors. Very comfortable padding, for today's 47 mile ride I thought I was sitting on the couch in the living room. Perfect fit thanks to Yuva, the material quality and the look sharp. Told everyone that would listen today about them, plan to buy another pair soon to cover the weekend riding schedule. Great buy, great product!

Excellent communication & Excellent product!

Back in Nov2021, I really wanted to try out Redwhite bibs after being recommended by my friends. I proceed to consult Yuva on suitable sizing and unfortunately being short@1.68m with 72cm inseams & 72kg (short & stocky build) , there weren't any suitable bib sizes for me at that point in time (XL bibs fits me but it will be too long for me). Yuva advised me not to buy now & to wait for new product launch instead.

Fast-forward 1 year, Dec22 I have finally gotten my 1st Redwhite cargo bibs & I love them! I have gotten XL with & 2" Shorter Inseam and it fits me perfectly.
The Chamois is plush and comfy & I love the flexibility of cargo bibs where I can load up gels & stuff in the pockets!
After using it for >5 months , the bibs are holding up great!

The BIB (Men's)
Dan Hughes (Seattle, Washington, United States)
Awesome bibs

Oh, I ordered a pair of bib 2 months ago. I always wore shorts. I am so impressed, I ordered my second pair of bibs a couple of weeks ago. The customer service is first class and first place to everyone! The owner cares to be the best. I have the top, expensive shorts. The red and white bibs are so much better and cheaper! Thank you for such a great product and service.

Great bibshorts

I’ve a few pairs of RW bibshorts and cargo bibs, and they all wear extremely well, and very comfortable.

I haven’t ridden more than 100km on a single ride, but those below 100km rides, they are awesome bib shorts for me.

Better than some in the same price range, and even those costing double the price. Really my go to for most rides.

The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad (Men's)
Rich LaVoy (Salt Lake City, Utah, United States)
Great bib, great service

I own bibs from Assos, Rapha, Pearl Izumi…all quality bibs. The Red and White summer bib has quickly become my favorite. Light weight and breathable with just the right amount of compression for longer rides. The customer service is superb with prompt personal responses on sizing and shipping. I’ll be a repeat customer.

The Cargo Bib Short (Men's) with Pockets
Robert Haskett (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)
Simply the best

This is my 2nd pair of cargo bibs and this new generation of them is perfect ( XL with the shorter inseam ). Yuva was spot on with his size recommendation for my 40" glutes, 169cm height and 79kg, short and swarthy. I will never buy another pair of bibs that isn't cargo, and have tried a couple of other brands but always come back to RedWhite. I do lots of 6-10 hr rides and the pad is perfect, never any issues. I also have 3 pairs of the regular bibs ( first pair bought in 2019 ), but those only get used on the trainer now, the cargo bibs are just so much handier to store snacks, extra clothes, whatever I need for long days out on the gravels. They're also quite durable as they're also my goto shorts for MTB'ing. Now Yuva just needs to add cargo pockets on the bib tights!!

The BIB (Men's)
Wilson (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Excellent bibs and customer service

The pair of bibs I received were excellent but there was a slight issue with the stitching. I emailed Yuva and within 6 hours the issue was fixed. Highly recommend the bibs but what amazed me was the responsiveness of Yuva even on a Saturday morning when we should be all out riding! With the bibs, these are the ones I will purchase from now on.

The BIB (Men's)
Tomasz Chałubiński (Warsaw, Mazovia, Poland)

Najlepsze bibsy jakie miałem.
Świetny kontakt ze sprzedawcą i przydatna pomoc przy wyborze rozmiaru.
Porównując te bibsy do innych z tego zakresu cenowego na rynku polskim uważam, że ich stosunek cena/jakość jest najlepsza. A zastosowana wkładka dla mnie to mistrzostwo świata (lepsza niż te od EI), w końcu pozbyłem się problemu bolącego tyłka. Polecam!

The BIB (Men's)
Mark (Stoughton, Massachusetts, United States)
Very comfortable

I went out for a 4 hour bike ride while on vacation. My RedWhite bib shorts performed while other gear was failing. Very impressed.

The BIB (Men's)
Gustavo Pecunia (Richmond, Virginia, United States)
Best bib shorts, I’ve ever owned!

i’ve owned big shorts from every major brand for the last 35 years. These are by far my most favorite bib shorts!
first time out, I was confident enough to wear them on a 7 1/2 hour ride in the mountains in the Shenandoah area in Virginia, I was not surprised with the comfort, the material quality breathability, and of course, the most important of all comfort in the chamois…. This will clearly be my go to for long days in the saddle.

The BIB (Men's)
Ben Hui (Central, Central and Western District, Hong Kong)
So far so good

i got the rib in a quick time, sizing is perfect.
It would be better if there is blue.

The Cargo Bib Short (Men's) with Pockets
Mark Thomson (Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)
Consistantly good products

This is now my 4th pair of red white bibs, and my second pair of the cargo bibs. The product is good quality and I feel a better quality than the first set of cargo bibs I purchased. The leg grippers have changed, which made me a little nervous however they have proved to be good quality, work well and don't irritate my legs. The construction is sound and the chamois comfortable. Although the fabric of the chamois still runs, it is not as bad as the original ones. A great durable product, well made. I am have ridden the bibs for endurance rides of up to 1000km and they have performed without issue. The fit has also been consistent over all the bibs I have purchased.

The BIB (Men's)
Rafael Cardenas
So far so good.

I got the bibs in a downright quick time. Sizing is perfect (thanks for the advice). Unfortunately I have not had a chance to put some serious miles on them as the weather has been unseasonably cold. I'll get back to you in a few weeks. Short rides really don't tell the story but so far so good. I think they are going to be keepers.

The BIB (Men's)
Nevin Steinbrink (Midland, Michigan, United States)
Simple, but really, really good.

These are simple, no nonsense bibs. However these are the first bibs that I can comfortably ride 50+ miles in without any chafing or sore spots. The chamois is stiffer and more dense than most others, but the chamois fits me very well. If I buy another bib, it will be another RedWhite. These are better than my Pedal Mafia and dhb bibs or similar price range.

The Entry Bib Short (Men's)
Manuel Diaz (Ancaster, Ontario, Canada)
Truly the best customer service I've seen

Yuval is by far the the best customer service rep (and owner) I've ever interacted with. Not only does he answer promptly but also truly personalizes the response to the individual. I honestly don't know how he pulls it off. I've purchased 3 Bibs from Redwhite already. I've owned several brands and I simply can't compare it to anything else, not just in terms of comfort but also value, these truly stand on their own. Highly recommend, you won't regret it

Thank you for the very kind words Manuel. I work a lot from my phone so quick responses to customers is quite easy :)

The BIB (Men's)
M Jordan (Del Norte, Colorado, United States)
Worth their weight in GOLD

I normally like to wait a while to review something and really only do something if I have something to add. These bibs are a serious improvement over any other Bibs on the marketplace and I've used them all - Rapha, Pearl, Panache, Pactimo, Primal, NeoPro, etc etc.

Materials are quality. Fit is great and Yuva will help make sure you get the right size.

The real game changer is the chamois. Proprietary Moulded Chamois. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH how much better this chamois is than the rest of the others on the market. Normally, my opinion around a chamois was that if I didn't notice it and didn't have "issues" with it, then it was good enough and doing it's job. Most chamois fit the bill for me, but this one is entirely different. I actually notice it - in a good way. It has an unreal amount of support and cushion without feeling big or interfering with moving around on the saddle. I ride/race primarily MTB, Gravel and CX. This chamois seriously reduces the fatigue of long rough rides by a noticeable degree.

Stop wearing a chamois that is just "good enough" and treat yourself to something better. Red White Apparel customer for life. BTW I just bought 5 pairs after my first test pair.

Thank you for the very kind and generous review :). I'm really happy you noticed the chamois. A lot of work went into designing that.

The BIB (Men's)
Scott Hunt (Littleton, Colorado, United States)
I'll be ordering another pair

I took a chance on these based on seeing so many positive reviews. So far I've only gotten two rides on them, one on Zwift and one on mtb. Zwift is a great test for me since the bike is completely stationary and I tend to get sit bone pain very quickly. The big coverage thick pad kept me comfortable far long than usual. For my mtb ride it was the second day on my bike and I was chaffed from the previous day. Once again the these shorts performed extremely well.

I only have a couple minor issues. The shorts material doesn't breathe quite as well as the far more expensive brand I usually wear. Many of my rides will be long mountain biking routes with hike a bike sections and walking in these shorts is less comfortable than my other shorts do to the large pad coverage and extra thickness. Considering the very reasonable price of these shorts neither of these issues are of much concern.