This page was last updated : March 27th, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is unfortunate but is a reality we have to deal with. RedWhite Apparel has done adequate planning and have minimised disruptions to our logistics network. You can confidently place an order on this website.

RedWhite Apparel remain fully operational and is shipping orders on schedule. We are experiencing no delays at our warehouse. Orders placed on this website will ship in 48 hours (for Free Shipping) and within 24 hours (for Express Shipping). Full details on available shipping options.

If you're considering ordering items that are on backorder, please note that your order will ship in April 2020, Week 1. We experienced some manufacturing delays in Europe where our bibshorts are made, but these delays have been resolved. Backordered bibshorts will arrive in Week 4 of March and will begin shipping in Week 1 of April. You may place a backorder with confidence today.

If you need any additional information or wish to speak with the owner of RedWhite Apparel, please email Yuva :

This page will be updated if our operations are affected by the pandemic. If you don't see any new updates, please take this as the latest and most accurate information about RedWhite Apparel's e-commerce operations.

March 18 Update : Production wraps up on March 19th. We're on schedule.

March 20 Update : Production has wrapped up and QC is being conducted by the Romanian factory on latest batch of bibshorts in Romania itself. Bibshorts will be shipped by road directly from Romania and will arrive at our Italian manufacturer's HQ for quality checks on March 23rd

March 23rd Update : Bibshorts have arrived from Romania in Italy and quality checks will be conducted.

March 24th Update : Bibshorts have shipped by air from Italy to Singapore. ETA is 6-8 days.

March 27th Update : Bibshorts arrive on March 30th and will ship on schedule in Week 1 of April 2020.