New Cycling Bib Shorts for 2021

Despite the tumultuous year, I have been hard at work, developing new bibshorts that will help you ride further, more comfortably. In 2020, I launched the following products :

In 2021, I will be launching the following products. The links below take you to the product pages for each item. They're not ready for sale, but will be when inventory arrives in late January 2021. You may join the waitlist on each page to receive an email notification once stock arrives :


1) The Cargo Bibshort (Men & Women)

Cargo Bib Short for Cycling

This project has been in the works since January 2020. The first prototype was made public in March 2020. That first prototype was relatively simple. It has just 2 pockets on the thighs. The ambitious goal at that time was a product launch in July 2020. COVID-19 lockdowns ensured that this timeline was pushed back by months.

I took feedback from Prototype 1 and made Prototype 2. A lot of customers wanted rear pockets, and this second prototype had a large rear one. Testing revealed that this pocket was very useful, but I thought I could push it further.

Rear Cargo Pocket

The production ready bibshort (Men, Women) was finalised in November 2020 and included another rear pocket (see image above). This one was located above the rear pocket in Prototype 2 and sits underneath your jersey / t-shirt line. I added this final pocket in response to customers who wanted a pocket higher-up for use when they rode with just a t-shirt on (no cycling jersey with extra pockets).

These 4 pockets make The Cargo Bibshort a versatile addition to your cycling wardrobe. You can wear a simple t-shirt and still have ample storage for epic adventure rides. You can stuff lots of spare tubes and nutrition when you hit the trails on your mountain bike.

I am excited to see what customers use it for.

2) The Winter Bib Tight (Men & Women)

Winter Bib Tights for Men and Women

In December 2020, I launched The BIB - Thermal. It was RedWhite's first foray into the market for winter clothing. Customers were quick to ask for more. The most common product request I receive every Winter is : "Do you plan to make a full length bib tight and stick your pad in it?"

For years, I held off making a winter specific bibshort / bib-tight because of the growth of ZWIFT and indoor cycling. My thesis was that more people would ride indoors and less outdoors in winter, making a winter bib-tight a risky product to manufacture and sell (it would have low demand).

However, I did underestimate the growth of gravel and non-tarmac riding during winter. RedWhites customers wrote in, telling me about how they enjoyed riding gravel more during winter. It was safer than riding on tarmac and running the risk of sliding out on black ice. Because of this, I decided to take a risk and commit seriously to developing Winter Bib Tights.

These Winter Bib Tights are made from an engineered thermal fabric that is warm and lightweight. It is manufactured by Carvico of Italy. It is warmer than the fabric used in The BIB - Thermal. This is a serious cold weather garment. The fabric has the following features :

  • Hydrophobic Treatment - repels light rain & road spray
  • Brushed Inner Fleece for soft on-skin feel
  • Piling-Resistant
  • Contains Hollow Yarns - uses the thermal properties of air to insulate you against the cold while remaining lightweight, like a polar bear's fur
  • Polyamide on the outside of the fabric and polyester on the inside against the skin allows sweat to evaporate. Polyester yarn has a low hygroscopicity, that absorbs little water, while the polyamide yarn has a hygroscopicity that’s 3x higher. The difference of hygroscopicity between the two fibres quickly transports moisture to the outside of the fabric. Your body stays dry and comfortable


These tights are cut long and extend slightly below your ankle. This was designed after listening to customers who complained about bib tights that weren't long enough. "What is the point of being warm everywhere except for that small bit of leg above my ankles?" - they said. 

I also added a zipper opening to make this bib-tight easy to slip into and out of. The zipper does lock down. No annoying tapping of the zipper head against your leg while riding ;).

 3) The BIB Women - Navy


For 2021, I am investing heavily in my product range for women. Currently, the RedWhite Bibshort line only has 2 women's bibshorts. I will be adding a Navy colour, a Cargo Bibshort (see above) and Winter Bib Tight (see above).

Launching in Week 3 / Week 4, January 2021

Production begins today for all the above. Due to COVID-19 in Italy, fabric production at MITI & Carvico is slow. You can expect inventory to arrive by Week 3 / Week 4 of January 2021. If you're interested in getting notified when inventory arrives, you may join the waitlist on each page :

. . . 

I can't thank everyone enough for supporting RedWhite and myself since 2014. If you've been paying close attention, you will understand that all the products above have been designed after years of listening to my customers. RedWhite's speed of developing new products is relatively slow, but when I do release a product, I make sure it is well thought out and designed to delight you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Product Development Blog. The remainder of 2021 will be spent ramping up production to meet demand for these new products. I will also be focusing on the Ultra-Distance Chamois project for 2021 with a goal to release it in 2022. Designing a new chamois is far more complex than a Cargo Bibshort and Winter Bib Tight, hence me taking my time with it.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts below. I read every comment and do my best to respond to everyone. 


@VENKAT GURRAM : thank you! I did design the cargo bibshorts to have the maximum pocket space and to my knowledge, more than most other cargo bibshorts on the market.

@ROBERT : Have you joined the waitlist on the product page? You should be able to get your hands on it in Week 4 of Jan 2012.

@JAMIE : You’re most welcome!

YUVA, December 18, 2020

Cargo bibs (CB’s) is a great step up. Kudos Yuva!
After seeing so many other bib shorts, I can definitely can say, its by far, the bibs with the largest and highest number of pockets.

Also In the pursuit of CB’s creation and prototyping, I think you have left no stone unturned to maximize space.

Venkat Gurram December 18, 2020

The tights would be nice. It is cold outside. Please let us know whe they are available. I would would need a medium please.

Robert December 18, 2020

Thank you for keeping us informed. Please let us know when we can order 1 of each.

Robert December 18, 2020

Yuva, I’m so happy to see more options with your exceptional chamois for women! Thank you for investing in more products for women.

Jamie December 18, 2020

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