RedWhite Bibshorts will cost more from October 17th, 2022

I will be raising prices on some products that RedWhite sells. I will explain more after the summary of the items that will cost more on October 17th :

Bibshorts that will cost more on October 17, 2022 :

  1. The BIB Stealth (Men) : US$140 (from US$130)
  2. The BIB Stealth (Women) : US$140 (from US$130)
  3. The Cargo Bibshort (Men) with Pockets : US$160 (from US$155)
  4. The Cargo Bibshort (Women) with Pockets : US$160 (from US$155)

Unchanged Prices :

  1. The Entry Bibshort : US$85 (no change)
  2. The Winter Bib Tights with Pad (Men) : US$160 (no change)
  3. The Winter Bib Tights with Pad : US$160 (no change)

Why the Increase on October 17th?

A pair of RedWhite Bibshorts is priced as a function of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) + a reasonable margin.

Every year, I plan out RedWhite's product development for the next 2 years and calculate the amount of capital required to develop and manufacture new products. The margin RW charges on every pair of bibshort needs to be kept above a certain threshold in order to continue fuelling the development of new products and inventory.

In 2022, shipping costs for RedWhite increased over 15%. This was driven by extraordinarily high fuel prices. High shipping prices have now started to eat into capital allocated for new product development, threatening RedWhite's long term ability to develop and launch new products for customers.

To allow RedWhite to continuously invest and produce new products, pricing for Stealth Bibs will increase by US$10 and Cargo Bibs will cost US$5 more from October 17th, 2022

Please feel free to get in touch.

If you have any questions or comments about this upcoming price increase, please email me at or drop a comment below 👇.


Founder @ RedWhite Apparel



Thank you everyone for the very kind words of support :)

Yuva, Founder@RedWhite Apparel September 28, 2022

Thank you for being transparent on the reasoning for the price increase. It is undeniable the cost doing business around the world has certainly increased.

Ahmed Baqi September 26, 2022

The quality of the products, along with the increases across all areas of global economies, make these increases very understandable. Shipping costs alone have had a large impact on worldwide businesses.

Gregg September 26, 2022

Your shirts are still an excellent value. I have been surprised that you have kept the price down with the high inflation rates. Your increase seems fair to me.

Gary Barney September 25, 2022

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